14 Cool-Looking Bags To Take From Work To The Gym

by Taylor Fuller

I'm the queen of excuses when it comes to going to the gym. And my best excuse is that once I head home to grab my gym stuff, there is no way I'm going back out. That's why finding a bag for work and the gym that won't look out of place at either location is so important. Whether it's a gym backpack, sports bag, or something in between, it means I'm getting my butt to the gym right after I finish work.

When you find a gym bag that doubles as a work bag (or vice versa), you've won the jackpot. You can store all of your work essentials in your bag like your laptop, important papers, your lunch, and you have enough room for sneakers and a change of gym clothes. It may sound ridiculous, but for me, being able to go right to the gym motivates me to actually fit in a workout. There are stylish gym bags out there that are appropriate for the office. You can find something that looks cool and is functional. With your new gym-slash-work bag in hand, you'll be ready to get your workouts back on track.

1. An Everyday Tote With Space For Work & The Gym

Topshop Rushton Faux Leather Tote, $68, Nordstrom

If you're someone who would prefer not to carry an actual gym bag, then this is the perfect bag for you. It's large enough to hold your sneakers and gym clothes, as well as all of your everyday staples. No one will have any idea that you've got workout clothes in this stylish, trendy bag. Plus, you can even head out for happy hour after the gym with no one the wiser.

2. A Canvas Tote That Fits Your Laptop

Baggu Duck Bag Canvas Tote in Sailor Stripe, $26, Amazon

This canvas tote is raved about by reviewers, who have stuffed it with everything from Macbook Pros and diapers to library books and magazines. No doubt it'd fit any workout gear you're bringing with you, too, and its interior pocket with a snap closure keeps your valuables secure.

3. A Structured Gym Bag To Carry Yoga Gear With Ease

Gaiam Metro Gym Bag , $25, Amazon

If you're a yogi, you need to be able to carry all of your gear with you. A structured gym bag that has a cinch cord on the bottom for your mat is the way to go. It's more compact than a flimsy duffle bag, and it won't take up too much space in your office or by your desk. You'll be able to head to your favorite class right when you're done with work.

4. A Pretty Leather Tote Big Enough For All The Essentials

Ravin Tote by Sole Society, $60, Nordstrom

A structured black leather tote is probably the best transitional bag that you can find. It's sleek and stylish for the office, but it's big enough to fit in all your gym essentials. This is an everyday bag that you won't mind carrying around because it's always in season. There are two pockets, an interior zip pocket for small items, and an outer pocket — perfect for storing items to which you need quick access.

5. A Gym Bag With A Thermal Iron Pocket For On-The-Go Styling

Under Armour The Works Gym Bag, $70, Amazon

If you're really into working out and need enough space to store your gym stuff, this bag is perfect. It's got a rear yoga mat storage area, so you don't have to leave it at home, and it's made out of a special material that repels water to protect gear from getting wet. It also has a thermal hot iron pocket, so you can go from work, to the gym, to happy hour with ease.

6. A Mesh Bag To Keep Things Smelling Fresh

ASOS LIFESTYLE Mesh and Scuba Backpack, $30, ASOS

Sometimes gym bags can get smelly, and you probably don't want to be carrying that fragrant bag into work everyday. That's why mesh is so great. It lets your items breathe, and aromas don't linger as long. Pack your gym items on the bottom of the bag, and no one will even see them. The bag can be worn as a backpack or carried with the handle on the top.

7. A Water-Resistant Backpack To Keep Laptops & Gym Gear Dry

Herschel Supply Co. 'Parker - Studio Collection' Water-Resistant Backpack, $130, Nordstrom

If you're a commuter, a water-resistant backpack is a must. The next time you get caught in the rain without an umbrella, you won't have to worry about your laptop getting damaged or your gym gear getting damp. The backpack makes your commute a bit more comfortable and easier, leaving you in tip-top shape for your workout.

8. A Small Weekend Bag That Doubles As A Gym & Work Bag

Mi-Pac Weekend Bag in Faux Snake Print, $53, ASOS

Using a weekend bag as a gym and work bag is a really great idea. It's slightly larger than a regular tote bag, which means that you can bring everything you need for the gym and the office with you in one bag. Do you need to get ready to go out somewhere after the gym? No problem. You can fit toiletries, a change of clothes, and more in this perfectly sized bag.

9. A Carryall, So You Can Actually Carry It All

Herschel Supply Co. Strand Carrya ll, $80, ASOS

Herschel bags are made of high-quality materials and fabrics that can hold up to wear and tear. The brand's bags are perfect for everyday use and can take a beating. That means they make great bags for the office and for the gym. You can constantly throw things in there and your bag won't rip or break. Throw in your laptop, your workout clothes, your sneakers, your towel, important work papers, and so much more.

10. A Multi-Purpose Tote Bag That You Can Use Anywhere

Lululemon Live Free Tote, $168, Amazon

This is the ideal bag for someone who likes to keep their whole life with them at all times. The front pocket is generously sized to store your phone, wallet, or sunglasses. Plus, you can store your yoga mat when you have it, and keep the storage straps hidden when you don't. Plus, after the gym, you can throw your sweaty gear into a wet/dry pocket, or into the bag's removable laundry bag. That means your dirty gym stuff won't be touching all of your work things.

11. A Lightweight Bag That Won't Break The Bank

BG by Baggalini Balance Medium MDNT Tote Bag , $43, Amazon

If you don't want to fork over a ton of cash for a bag that you can use for the gym and for the office, you don't have to. A lightweight bag can cut costs and make your life easier. Use it solely for your gym gear and keep it light, or throw in your laptop or work stuff in there, too. Made out of water-resistant fabric, this bag will keep whatever you decided to carry safe and dry.

12. A Slouchy Bag To Fill With As Much As You Want

ASOS LIEFSTYLE Slouchy Nylon Carryall, $36, ASOS

A slouchy bag with a detachable shoulder strap is such a good idea for a gym and work bag. Toss in your sneakers, your gym clothes, perhaps a change of clothes, and maybe even some makeup. It's big enough to carry a lot, but if it's not filled all the way, it's not a pain to carry around because of the canvas material. Plus, you can keep it stored under your desk while you work.

13. A Stylish Bag That Won't Look Out Of Place At The Office

Poverty Flats by Rian 'Sport' Waterproof Duffel, $88, Nordstrom

This sporty bag is so chic, it won't look out of place by your desk in the office. The waterproof gym bag features sporty mesh and faux leather panels, making it really stylish. It comes with a removable pouch where you can store your shoes or post-workout sweaty clothes. There is more than enough room to store your laptop or other gym essentials inside.

14. A Backpack For Hands-Free Laptop & Sneaker Storage

Fjällräven 'Kånken' Laptop Backpack (17 Inch), $110, Nordstrom

I see these backpacks everywhere. They are staples for travelers and should be staples for commuters anywhere. They have an interior laptop sleeve, so you can store your computer safely, and they're big enough for you to keep your sneakers and gym clothes inside. If you're not interested in wearing it on your back, you can carry it from its snap-together top handles, too.

Images: Amazon (5), Nordstrom (5), ASOS (4); Design: Brit Phillips

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