Vogue Criticized Fashion Bloggers At Milan Fashion Week And Twitter Was Not Having It

What was meant to be an innocent round up of Milan Fashion Week written by experts in the industry turned into Vogue editors criticizing fashion bloggers, and their words have sparked some serious backlash. In the original post on Vogue, bloggers were charged with "heralding the death of style," as well as being critiqued for "preening for cameras in borrowed clothes," and "looking ridiculous, posing, twitching in your seat as you check your social media feeds."

Bustle reached out to Vogue for comment on these remarks, but has not heard back. For bloggers, these comments felt hypocritical. Industry names like Susie Bubble and Bryanboy responded to the Vogue comments quickly thereafter.

"The fashion establishment don't want their circles enlarged," Susie Bubble tweeted. "And for the ivory tower to remain forever that. Towering and impenetrable." The blogger also suggested that if the editors Vogue truly do despise bloggers as much as they seem to, they should make the editorial decision to stop running blogger Phil Oh's street style roundups.

"It's schoolyard bullying, plain and simple," said Bryanboy on Twitter. "How satisfying it must be to go for the easy target rather than going for other editors." Bustle has reached out to Vogue for comment.

The rest of fashion Twitter seemed to feel the same way. Check out some of their tweets in defense of bloggers — it seems like many young people feel the same way about Vogue's sentiments.

And finally, the only tweet that needs to exist about this entire controversy:

Twitter hath no fury like an equal opportunity fashion lover scorned.