Kurt Cobain's Death Investigation Reopened & That Might Not Be a Bad Thing

Nearly 20 years after Kurt Cobain was discovered dead in his home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and lethal amounts of heroin in his system, Seattle police have decided to reopen the investigation into Cobains' death. The department developed four rolls of film from case evidence last month and although the 35mm film has become slightly deteriorated and tinted green, police said they more clearly show the scene of the crime and have subsequently decided to reopen the investigation. The police said that they will not be releasing the photos to the public, but Seattle local news station KIRO 7 claims to have obtained one and will reportedly be broadcasting the photo Thursday night.

Although Cobain's death in 1994 was ruled a suicide, many people claimed differently. And there are certainly a few aspects that call the case into question: many question whether Cobain would be able to operate a firearm such a high dose of heroin, the prints on the gun he used were not legible, and the suicide note he wrote could be interpreted as a note leaving Courtney Love, his friends, and the music business.

The majority of homicide theories accuse Love in some way. Most notably, Mentors frontman El Duce said that Love offered him money to kill Cobain in an interview for the documentary Kurt and Courtney — however, El Duce died two days after the interview after passing out on the train tracks. But even Kurt and Courtney notes that the evidence is inconclusive and that the investigation should be reopened.

Maybe this will settle the issue, once and for all.