Kylie's New Lip Kit Name Has A Charitable Meaning

Kylie Jenner is at it again. On Thursday, she announced her newest Kylie lip kit named Smile. The pretty pink lippie is the most recent addition to the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick family since her previous release of Love Bite, Dirty Peach, and Brown Sugar. While all of Jenner's lip kits and their names are unique, there's a special reason the latest lip kit is named Smile.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, Smile is not like any other lip kit because none of the proceeds from the sales actually go to Kylie Cosmetics. That's right, the new Smile lip kit is a charitable endeavor in connection with SmileTrain. If you've never heard of the charity before now, SmileTrain is a non-profit organization providing 100 percent free surgeries to repair clefts in children around the world. The new Smile lip kit is a partnership with SmileTrain for World Smile Day making its name totally wonderful, and in my opinion, the lip kit is probably Jenner's greatest venture yet.

The lip kit is set to debut on Monday, Oct. 3, the day after World Smile Day, and all proceeds from the sale will go to SmileTrain. If you were looking to purchase a new Kylie lip kit this may just be the one for you. Not only will you benefit a great cause, but you'll also get a super pretty lippie.

So far, there have been no swatches of the super pretty pink, but if I had to guess, it's going to look similar to Jenner's other matte pink: Posie K.

If a lip kit has been on your to-buy list, Smile just might be the one for you. And if you already plan on buying it, it seems like you're not the only one!

Kudos to Jenner for dedicating all the proeeds to such an awesome charity.