Carson Daly Is One Of The "Most Dangerous Celebs" To Search, So He's His 'Josie & The Pussycats' Character Incarnate

Be careful the next time you're googling "Carson Daly" — you could end up with some malware. That's right: According to BusinessWire's 2016 McAfee Most Dangerous Celebs List, Daly is the third most dangerous celeb to search on the internet, which means that he's probably just like his 2001 Josie and the Pussycats alter ego: An evil version of himself. (As for how it actually works, BusinessWire reports that ~cybercriminals~ use celebs' popularity in order for the unsuspecting public to land on sites loaded with malware that can steal your information).

Truth be told, Daly is just as confused as the rest of us as to why he actually made the list. He comes in right behind Amy Schumer and Justin Bieber (both frequently searched celebs, I would assume), but even he is aware that he's not nearly as famous as those first two. In fact, he poked fun at himself on the Today show on Thursday.

"You open a Google window and search 'How in the heck is Carson Daly still on television,' you run a risk," the TV personality deadpanned, as his fellow anchors all cracked up.

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TBH, it seems to me like the real answer here is that we're all just living in a Josie and the Pussycats reality filled with subliminal messages (JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE) in which Daly is really intent on harming all internet users with some serious malware (just like how his character attempted to kill his then-fiancée Tara Reid's character Melody with a baseball bat in the movie). Sure, malware is no baseball bat and the internet is no TRL (actually, it basically is now) but guys, it's even more dangerous and underhanded.

I'm side-eyeing you, Carson Daly. I know your tricks — and now, the rest of the world does too.


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