Who Is Hencha From 'WAGS Miami'? The Reality Star Knows The 'WAGS' Life Well

Guys, E! has listened to your prayers, and it is bringing fans another installment of its hit reality series, WAGS. This time around, the show about wives and girlfriends of professional athletes will be set in Miami, Florida. The change in location will be a fun, new experience for fans, and you know some serious drama is about to go down. With the hierarchy strictly enforced in this pretty exclusive club of ladies, the wives take the top spots with girlfriends at the bottom. WAGS Miami star Hencha Voigt isn't dating anyone at the moment, but she's been a girlfriend to several sports stars in the past.

According to Us Weekly, Hencha covered both the NBA and the MLB when she dated members of the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and Miami Marlins. Now that she's single, though, I can only imagine that she will have to fight her way up the chain with these ladies since she isn't currently linked to a professional athlete. Of course, she must earn some cred for dating them in the past, so she will have that to bank on.

Here's what else you need to know about the WAGS Miami star.

She Loves American Horror Story

I wonder what she thinks is going on this season.

She Is A Fitness Queen

She even has her own Instagram page dedicated to her original fitness routines and inspiration.

She Grew Up In Haiti

According to her fitness training bio, Hencha was born in New York but grew up with her parents in Port-au Prince in Haiti.

She Is A Successful Model

One look at her and you have to know that this girl models. She is gorgeous. She has a lot of her professional photos on her Twitter and Instagram that show off her modeling skills.

Hencha seems like she is going to be fun to watch. Tune in to the new season of WAGS Miami to check her out in action on Sunday, Oct. 2.

Images: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment