Britney Spears Is Inspired By Selena Gomez & Pop Music Has Officially Come Full Circle

You would be hard pressed to find a pop star who doesn't count Britney Spears as one of their musical inspirations. Spears has had one seriously iconic career, full of history-making award show moments, hit singles still worthy of a replay, and music videos so memorable, people still use them for Halloween costume inspiration. That's why it might be surprising to learn that, when it comes to inspiring Spears, she looks to someone who was very likely inspired by her. In a new interview with Dan Wooton on ITV's Lorraine, Spears revealed that she adores Selena Gomez's music, and finds her work inspirational. Unsurprisingly, the feeling is mutual.

In the interview about her new album, the "Toxic" singer praised the younger pop singer, whom, like Spears herself, went through a bit of an image transformation since leaving her Disney Channel role and pursuing a solo music career. The singer gushed about Gomez's work, telling Wooton that Gomez's Revival tour really inspired Spears' new sound:

So far, the "Hands To Myself" singer hasn't responded to Spears' kind words, but I imagine she would be as ridiculously flattered as all of us would be if a bonafide pop goddess bestowed that crazy compliment. Here's just a sample of an appropriate reaction:


This isn't the first time that Spears has shown her love for Gomez. In 2013, Spears tweeted Gomez, complimenting her on her track "Come & Get It." Gomez revealed that she "died" over the tweet, telling MTV:

It seems that life really has come full circle for Spears: the person that she inspired now inspires her to push herself in her own performances. Does this mean that we should expect a collaboration between the two soon? In July of 2016, Gomez joked on Snapchat that she already has a duet with Spears. Gomez referred to a track called "Hands," which was a collaborative track with many artists and recorded to raise money for victims and their families involved in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida. Spears then responded with this tweet, which pop fans promptly freaked out over:

It sounds like these two pop stars have a lot of love for one another, so maybe it's about time that they head to the studio and record a duet for real.

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