Kendall Jenner's Lip Tattoo Has Cat Inspo

If you want to keep a tattoo extremely private, you get it somewhere that offers limited exposure and access, like the inside of the lip. Kendall Jenner got a new tattoo, which she tucked away in a super secret location. It's so secret that the model doesn't even need to concern herself with covering it up. Jenner appears to have gotten the inside of her bottom lip tattooed. That's a tender, private, and semi-permanent spot.

While inner lip tattoos are intimate, since you have to get really up close and personal to see them, lip tattoos aren't always permanent. Because of the chemicals present in the mouth and how it heals, lip tattoo ink can fade away completely, with some reports suggesting inner lip tattoos can last for weeks or up to five years. They also require touch ups, so they aren't exactly low-maintenance. That said, what is Kendall Jenner's inner lip tattoo?

It appears to be cat-inspired. It looks like Jenner got the word "Meow" inked on her lip. If that's the case, I hereby christen her "Kendall Kat."

Yes, Jenner is an Estee Lauder cosmetics spokesmodel, so her lips are often photographed in a variety of lipsticks and glosses. However, the tattoo is discreet enough that it won't even be seen when she pouts and puckers.

There it is! Jenner has yet to post a photo of the tattoo on her personal Instagram. However, NYC-based tattoo artist Jon Boy of West 4 tattoo parlor did. In his Insta image, Jenner is looking in a mirror, wearing black gloves and pulling down her bottom lip to reveal the delicate new ink.

While it's hard to read the words in the reflection, Jon Boy captioned the image with "MEOW" and that looks like what it says.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bustle reached out to Jenner's reps to verify whether or not her lip tattoo is legit, although Allure reports that the tattoo was real but has faded.

While Jenner is known for her classic, refined style, this tattoo allows her to show off some edge, all the while keeping with her signature style. She often comes off as the most private of the Kardashian x Jenner clan and this tattoo illustrates that.

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Jenner can also keep the ink concealed so that only the people she wants to see it can get a look at it. So it's a body art win for her.

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