Srirachup (Sriracha + Ketchup) Is Here, and It's Probably the Condiment Of Your Dreams

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who think Sriracha is “way too hot,” and the ones who believe it is a nectar of the gods. For all of my fellow rooster sauce worshippers, I have good news. As brought to our attention by The Awesomer, Californa-based Sosu Sauces recently created the ultimate spicy/savory hybrid: Srirachup. As in, ketchup and Sriracha, mixed together, in perfect harmony. (Cue the Homer Simpson drooling montage.)

As you may know, Sosu isn’t the first to bank on the famed hot sauce’s mysterious ways with the taste buds — one of the more recent examples being Sriracha-flavored Pringles (now would be a good time to start a grocery list, if you haven’t already). For some reason though, Sosu is the first to pair the "it" condiment with classic ketchup — and from the looks of it, they did so in the best way possible.

Each jar of Sosu Srirachup is made with two pounds of organic California tomatoes. The company also makes it’s own sriracha, and claims “this well-balanced ketchup gives your taste buds a spicy kick and leaves you begging for more...” This stuff has to be good.

Considering Sriracha can literally boost your mood, and tastes good with pretty much anything, I can't wait to try Srirachup. I can't wait to try it with french fries, on burgers, in Bloody Maries, out loud in sentences...I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between condiments.