Why Did Kendall Jenner Get A Lip Tattoo? It's Actually In Keeping With Her Style — PHOTO

When I think of the Sisters Jenner, I view Kendall as more reserved, classic, and quiet, all the while stunning. I look at her little sister Kylie as the edgy and rebellious one, especially with her personal style. At first, when I saw that Kendall Jenner got a tattoo on her inner bottom lip, I was surprised and thought, "That's such a Kylizzle move." Then, I paused and realized that the private, easy-to-hide lip ink, which is the word "Meow" etched in black, is actually way more in keeping with Kendall's personal style. Why did Kendall Jenner get a lip tattoo, as opposed to something way more visible and permanent, like a wrist, finger, or hip tattoo?

Well, there is a variety of possible reasons Jenner opted for a tattoo on the inside of her mouth. I will proceed to break those down in a second. Let's peep the ink first, OK?

Jenner has yet to post a photo of the new tattoo on her personal Instagram, but NYC-based tattoo artist Jon Boy of West 4 tattoo parlor shared one on Thursday night. In his Insta image, Jenner is looking in a mirror and pulling down her bottom lip to reveal the new ink.

Allure posted a story confirming the tattoo's existence at Jenner's cover shoot, and a rep for Jenner told the magazine that the ink has faded. Jenner was reportedly seen leaving a tattoo studio this week, so perhaps she was getting her lip tattoo touched up or perhaps Jon Boy was posting an older photo.

There it is. Let's discuss possible reasons and rationale for her inner lip ink.

1. It's Private

Inner lip tattoos are intimate, since you have to get really up close and personal to see them. You can only see them when the wearer wants you too.

2. It's Sexy & Mysterious

The fact that an inner lip tattoo is visible only when you want it to be and to whom you want it to be makes it sexy and mysterious, too. One only needs to follow Jenner's Instagram to know she isn't super revelatory and doesn't let it all hang out, all of the time.

3. It's Low-Key, Like Kendall Herself

Jenner is not as ostentatious or as loud with her personal life on social media as most of her sisters. She portrays herself as way more reticent than the rest of her family. An inner lip tattoo is another way for her to remain private and low-key. It's refined, just like Kendall J.

4. It's Semi-Permanent

Lip tattoos aren't always permanent due to the chemicals present in the mouth, and can often fade away completely, as Bustle previously reported. If Jenner suddenly decides she is "over" this tattoo, she doesn't have to worry about hiding it or it lasting.

5. It Won't Interfere With Her Gig

Victor Boyko/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since Jenner is a model by trade, she has to be careful with tattoo placement. She can't just tattoo super visible bodily real estate, since it could interfere with getting jobs and her career. So tucking it away in her mouth is smart. Jenner is an Estee Lauder cosmetics spokesmodel, among her many other gigs, but the tattoo is discreet enough that it can't be seen even in close up photos of her mouth.

6. It Separates Her From Her Other Sisters

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember when Kim Kardashian eschewed tattoos, saying it was like putting a bumper sticker on a Bentley? Kendall getting a lip tattoo is another way to stand out from one of her sisters and their ways of doing things.

Bustle reached out to Jenner's reps to verify whether or not her lip tattoo is real.

Images: Jon Boy Tattoo (1); Kendall Jenner/Instagram (4)