Kendall Jenner Lip Tattoo Twitter Reactions Show Fan Support For Her Ink

Forget about Kylie Jenner and her Lip Kits for a minute. The lips of a different Jenner Sister are a hot topic right. Kendall Jenner has a new'ish tattoo, which she tucked away in a super secret location. The model had the inside of her bottom lip tattooed with what looks like the word "Meow" in black. It's so discreet that she apparently got the ink a while ago and kept it to herself. Jenner didn't post a photo of this tattoo on her personal Instagram. However, NYC-based tattoo artist Jon Boy of West 4 tattoo parlor shared an image that features Jenner looking in a mirror, wearing black gloves and pulling down her bottom lip to reveal the delicate ink.

Bustle reached out to Jenner's reps to verify whether or not her lip tattoo is legit or if she had it touched up, since Allure actually posted a story previously, confirming the tattoo's existence at Jenner's October issue cover shoot. Her rep told the mag that the tattoo has since faded. However, Jenner was reportedly seen leaving the West 4 tattoo studio this week. Perhaps she was getting the lip tattoo touched up or perhaps Jon Boy posted an older, TBT photo. Maybe the lip ink is old and new. Either way, Jenner had a lip tattoo at some point.

It's a private and semi-permanent spot. Inner lip tattoos are intimate, since you have to get really up close and personal to see them. Lip tattoos aren't always permanent, either.

While it's hard to read the words in the reflection, Jon Boy captioned the image with "Meow" and that looks like what it says. Because of the chemicals present in the mouth, lip tattoo ink can fade away completely. They also require touch ups, so they aren't exactly low-maintenance. Perhaps Jenner likes the tattoo enough to get it touched up and Jon Boy's photo is current. It seems too coincidental that Jenner visited his shop and then he posted the lip tat pic.

Anyway, here is how the Twitterverse feels about Jenner's lip ink.

This user thinks Jenner is going to start a trend... one she prefers to keep to herself.

That might be some sarcasm but it could also be a show of support.

Fans like it, think it's hot.

There is some incredulity regarding the lip ink.

Some confusion, too.

Some of the Instagram comments on Jon Boy's post show that some people think Jenner is a copycat... literally.

Reactions are mixed, but I am personally more interested in the fact that Kendall may have touched up her ink. Remember, her rep said the tattoo faded, as expected. If Jenner went and had it redone, she clearly digs it enough to keep it.

Images: Jon Boy/Instagram (1)