Grav3YardGirl's Cheetos Hair Tutorial Is The Strangest Beauty Hack You'll See All Day

What do you get when you combine your favorite snack with a hair tutorial? Apparently pure genius. In case you missed it, Bunny Meyer, AKA Grav3YardGirl, curled her hair with Cheetos. I know what you're thinking, but the most bizarre part is that it worked really well! Meyer's fans are absolutely loving her latest hair tutorial, and it's not the only weird thing that she's used to curl her hair either.

There's a reason why this woman has over 7.5 million followers on YouTube, and this is it. Meyer took to her channel with a brand new "does it curl" series. First she tried marshmallows, which, oddly enough, seemed to do the job. Then she tried curling her hair with Cheetos, and people completely freaked out. For a good reason too.

In the video, Meyer spends 45 minutes wrapping her hair with Puffy Cheetos, before putting a hair dryer bonnet on her head for 30 minutes. When she takes off the bonnet and unwraps her hair, she actually has tight curls. It's incredible, to be honest. According to Meyer, the only downsides are that it itches, takes a pretty long time, and smells. Not to mention the orange crumbles everywhere.

The curls aren't your typical beachy waves by any means. The Puffy Cheetos give a Shirley Temple-esque curl that's super tight and bouncy. Here's a shot of her finished look.

Who knew?! This isn't the only bizarre product she's used to curl her hair with either. As a part of her new series, she's used marshmallows and tampons so far too. Both of which actually worked. I guess beauty tricks are hiding everywhere, even the kitchen.

Her fans are freaking out about how great the Cheetos worked to curl. According to their Twitter reactions, they're loving the entire series, but think that the snack food was one of the best yet. Here's what they have to say about the cheesy tutorial.

The hair trick didn't even surprise some of her fans.

Millions of bags of Cheetos will be sold this week.

She's a genius!

Some people are even recreating the madness.

*Subtly hints at new hair trend.*

We're talking Vogue-worthy, people!

This could just be the best kept secret ever.

No shame.

Newest fall hair trend.

I can't wait to see what she curls her hair with next.

Images: grav3yardgirl/Instagram, grav3yardgirl/Youtube