ABH's Master Palette By Mario Is Coming To Sephora

by Rachel Nussbaum

Superstar makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has had a hand in most of 2016's major makeup trends, from contouring, baking, and strobing the Kardashians' faces to the Instagram makeup . So people understandably freaked when the Master Palette by Mario dropped — his collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills on the set of twelve gold, copper and jewel tones is currently sold out on the ABH website, all of one day later. But in case you didn't make the rush, there's still hope! For fans wondering when you'll be able to buy the Master Palette by Mario at Sephora, Ulta and Macy's, get ready for Oct. 4.

Master Palette By Mario, $45, Sephora

According to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram, the palette is totally gone on the website, so other retailers are basically our last hope. The caption, "We will not have a restock date. The palette is limited edition," is depressingly final, so probably don't get your hopes up for a surprise restock, Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition-style. All eyes should be trained on Sephora, Ulta and Macy's — and based off the many months of social media teasing that Dedivanovic and the brand have kept going, it'll be a blink-and-you-miss-it scenario. The palette's mix of reds, coppers and gem shades look like a quick fix for gorgeously blended, simultaneously low-key and sunset-beautiful looks, so definitely stay tuned for the palette to drop online on Oct. 4 and in stores on Oct. 15.

Master Palette By Mario, $45, Sephora

But if life happens and you aren't at your computer come palette drop time, don't start cursing your failure just yet. While it looks like it has a "like-buttah" texture and stunning colors, two close alternatives come from people who know the Kardashian lifestyle almost as well. First, the KyShadow Bronze palette doesn't have the Master Palette's jewel tones, but the copper and tan looks are well covered.

Secondly, if you want to get rosier, Anastasia's Modern Renaissance has a similar mix of mattes and shimmers for high voltage looks. The quality's there, and while it may not have quite the same cache as one curated by a Kardashian creator, it was the palette of the summer.

Only the speed of your fingers and luck of your broadband will tell what option you're contemplating come Oct. 4. Until then, keep this note saved on your phone.

And maybe befriend a Sephora associate.

Image: Courtesy of Brand