Why Can't Kelly Rowland Get Record Label Love?

Despite a 16-year career ripe with accomplishments, singer Kelly Rowland has yet to achieve a level of musical success comparable to her peers. So who's to blame? According to Rowland and her fans, her label is. As a result, Kelly Rowland asked to be released from her label and the request was discreetly granted in December. Brands and fans adore her, so why can't Rowland get any record label love?

Reportedly, Rowland's former label Universal Republic thought it was a good move to bypass promoting a new single during her appearance on The X Factor U.S. last year. This only increased her ongoing frustration with the label's lack of support for her previous project, 2011's Here I Am, which featured the super sexy track "Motivation."

I'm not sure what it will take for labels to get on board with Rowland. It's quite evident that she can hold her own sans her Destiny's Child group members and if there's any doubt, allow me to re-direct everyone's attention to this sizzling BET Awards performance. She's done films and reality TV, appearing on both the U.K. and U.S. versions of The X Factor. In 2009, she hosted Bravo'sThe Fashion Show with Isaac Mizrahi. David Guetta's "When Love Takes Over" featuring Rowland, was named the number one dance-pop collaboration of all time by Billboard. Rowland has also served as the face of Diddy's women's fragrance Empress and Bacardi rum.

There's no doubt that her decision to amp up the sexiness caught the attention of the masses, and that coupled with her natural talent and musical resume almost seemed like it would get her the acknowledgment she deserves. But this departure from Universal makes her second in the past few years, as she parted ways with Columbia in 2011. Perhaps record labels will appreciate a ridiculous publicity stunt seeing as Rowland-related tabloid fodder has been limited to her revealing song "Dirty Laundry" and more recently, her engagement to be married.

Whatever the case, Rowland's said to be working on her fifth album and has yet to sign with another label. Hopefully suitors will recognize Rowland's a fierce performer with fans who wholeheartedly believe she's destined for the top.