This 'Twin Peaks' Teaser Proves Laura Palmer Wasn't Kidding About Seeing Us In 25 Years — VIDEO

Even if you're skeptic of television revivals, you can at least relent that the upcoming Twin Peaks reboot fulfills a send-off from the dearly departed Laura Palmer herself: "I'll see you again in 25 years." Now, a brand new Twin Peaks teaser shared by David Lynch seems suggest that the reunion between America and its favorite murdered homecoming queen is forthcoming. In it, the series' magnificent composer, Angelo Badalamenti, bringing us into the woods with Laura Palmer's theme, evoking both beauty and tragedy (though cutting off before sublimating in some seriously misty waters). And, of all the iconic sounds to resurrect, Laura's theme seems like a puzzling pick, and perhaps one that suggests that Laura Palmer's influence in the town of Twin Peaks is still presiding over the series.

But, how is that possible? If you're just getting around to marathoning Twin Peaks on Netflix, I won't expose the exact conclusion to "Who Killed Laura Palmer," yet — just know that we are delving into slightly vague yet still spoiler-y territory from here. Thing is, the show's downfall was ultimately this: the "whodunnit" aspect of Laura Palmer's murder mystery was wrapped up halfway through the second season. So, with the series anchored mainly around her death, there wasn't a lot left to do with her.


That isn't to say there wasn't still unfinished business hiding in Twin Peaks; it was still uncertain what precise darkness lurked the Black Lodge. More than that, there was still some seemingly supernatural reason why Laura became a target of certain forces, and what her place in the Red Room really meant.

But still — bringing it back to Laura Palmer, musically or otherwise, seems like a strange choice for the Twin Peaks teaser. Not "strange" in an unexpected way, since strangeness is an on-brand quality of the series. Instead, it's traditionally ominous, insinuating that Laura's legacy in the town of Twin Peaks has never been forgotten. But more than that, it probably alludes that Laura's involvement in the Twin Peaks mythos is far from over. The how of how she'll be involved is still up for speculation; Laura's life was cut off at 16, and Sheryl Lee hasn't been frozen in time for the past quarter century, so I doubt she'd be coming back. Still, this teaser definitely hints that "I'll see you again in 25 years" wasn't an empty promise.


Showtime's Twin Peaks is slated to debut sometime in 2017, so until then, have Badalamenti take you back to the show's central story (and fallen queen) with the teaser below.

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