Teresa Giudice Doesn't Want Her Kids To Be Famous If They Don't Want To Be

Say what you will about Teresa Giudice, but I'm about 100 percent sure that she is a better parent than fans give her credit for being. Hearing Giudice talk about her daughters' Hollywood aspirations — or, their lack thereof — is enough to convince me that she has her head on straight when it comes to being a mom. Her two oldest daughters each have different thoughts about the entertainment industry — as well as whether they want to be part of it going forward — and Giudice doesn't seem to be pushing either of them in any direction, which speaks volumes about her unconditional love and support for her kids.

Giudice and he husband Joe have four children, all daughters: Gia, 15, Gabriella, 11, Milania, 10, and Audriana, 7. All have appeared on Real Housewives Of New Jersey, which on some level, yes, is Hollywood. However, that doesn't mean they're going to pursue a career in Hollywood past the show if they don't want to. In an interview with People , Giudice shared that her three youngest daughters all have dreams of Hollywood fame: Milania recently walked in a New York Fashion Week show and "wants to be in movies," Gabriella wants to play professional soccer but has settled on a backup career as a model, and Audriana also walked in that same NYFW show as Miliania and hopes to do it again:

"That was her first time doing anything like that and she loved it, she was so good. She liked the cameras too. And Audriana was really born in front of the cameras."

With quotes like that, effusing over the three children who are leaning toward lives similar to their moms, I assumed that all four daughters would end up pursuing the limelight. But, Giudice doesn't want that if they don't. As she said of of her eldest daughter:

"Gia wants to be a lawyer. She wants nothing to do with the TV world anymore. I think maybe because of, to be honest with you, what happened with me. I think she doesn't want to be around any of that. Being in the TV world is great but it also could hurt you, and I think since she's older she understands it the most ... she just thinks being in this business [is] a blessing and it's a curse at the same time."

Frankly, I'm impressed by Giudice, here. She clearly knows that reality TV isn't for everyone, and she can watch Gia follow a different path without feeling judged by her daughter, or judging Gia in turn for her own decisions. Leaving that space for the people you love to be themselves is a huge part of being a good human, and in turn, a good parent, so I'm glad to see Giudice so universally supportive of her offspring.