Abbi Jacobson's New Project Sounds Amazing

by Allie Gemmill

There are only a few rules I live by when it comes to choosing my television shows, and my primary rule reads thus: If it in any way features or is touched by the talents of Abbi Jacobson or Ilana Glazer, I'm here for it. So, I was absolutely gleeful when I heard that Jacobson has a new project: adapting Samatha Irby's essay collection, Meaty , for FX. I mean, where do we even begin with this bit of newsy nectar from the powers that be? Described as "[following] Irby through failed relationships, taco feasts, her struggles with Crohn’s disease, poverty, blackness and body image," I think it's safe to say that if you're a fan of Broad City, then you're going to be completely in the tank for Meaty. Jacobson is co-producing and writing with Inside Amy Schumer head writer Jessi Klein, while Klein and Irby will write. But what makes Meaty perfect for Broad City fanatics?

Jacobson's co-producing credit means that she will have an active voice in the production process. Jacobson is anything but wet behind the ears when it comes to this kind of work; she's currently one of the executive producers Broad City. As executive producer, Jacobson has been able to exert a unique amount of creative control over Broad City's tone and direction that is rarely afforded to actors and writers alone. Basically, Jacobson has some serious boss skills and in the case of Meaty, that means she is able to use her power to help get another woman's work to the small screen (insert applause emoji here).

But Jacobson's magical touch is not the only reason to get on board with Meaty — Klein is as well. Klein's unique brand of humor, especially as it has been applied to the raw, honest, and always observational nature of Inside Amy Schumer, has not only made the show a landmark, it has made that show a forum to inspire real examination of social values. As such, adapting Meaty, which will have both Klein and Irby's observational brands stamped firmly into it like a freshly marked USDA steak (c'mon, did you expect me to not make a meat joke?) means we get intimacy, realness, and straight-up hilarity oozing out of every pore of the show.

Along with Meaty, Irby currently runs the blog Bitches Gotta Eat, where she regularly blogs about many of the same issues tackled at greater length in the book. If you want to get a real taste of how Irby speaks to the soul of every woman, check out her very crucial feelings about Fifty Shades of Grey . What will make Meaty such a special outing is that the unfiltered nature of FX will, much like Comedy Central's platform for Broad City, allow Meaty to let it all hang out.

If all that street cred wasn't enough, consider this: We need more shows that show women in a "warts-and-all" fashion. Female-centered comedies of late have managed to blend that approach in a gut-busting fashion, helping to let off some steam while speaking truth to power. That two established women in television are helping another woman get her voice heard to a bigger audience is downright amazing — and I'm here for it. With Jacobson, Klein, and Irby forming an ostensible comedic holy trinity, I think we'll get nothing but the best from Meaty.

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