The Newest 'Beauty & The Beast' Stills Reveal Even More About The Highly Anticipated Film — PHOTOS

I can't even believe I'm about to type these words, but here we go: There are new Beauty and the Beast stills making the rounds this Friday evening. It's official: I'm super excited for this film to drop. Coming via Stitch Kingdom, the stills give us a clearer look at Emma Watson in all her Belle glory as well as a look (finally!) at the Beast. The buzz has been strong for the upcoming live-action remake since the project was first announced. Excitement only grew when we all learned Watson and everyone's Downton Abbey bae Dan Stevens were going to be the titular couple (alongside a ridiculously talented supporting cast), and then even more then the first trailer was released. Now, we have these stills? Be still, my heart. I can't handle the excitement one darn bit.

It looks like Belle is going to stay OG in her look in the first image. Luckily, she's still swanning about on mobile ladders in the local bookshop, dreaming of fantasy lands. Does this mean we'll also get a full-blown reenactment of the opening number from the animated film? Can life possibly get any better or more magical? I'm happy to see Belle is not only sticking to her book-loving roots, but she gets to have her moment in the literary sun special in Beauty and the Beast.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, we also get a better look at Belle and the Beast in their iconic ballroom dancing costumes — and a better look at the Beast. While we've seen him in his pre-curse form, we now have a better look at what Stevens may look like in his more beastly form. Here, it looks every bit the storybook fantasy that we could have hoped for. I think it's definitely a solid move that this live-action version is taking a heavy aesthetic cue from the original animated film. These details from both these photos leave me feeling very excited to see what the actual finished product will look like.

Well, I don't know about you but I am already clamoring for Beauty and the Beast and it's all thanks to these news stills. Is it 2017 yet?

Image: Walt Disney Pictures