What Is The Difference Between Dry Shampoo & Dry Powder Spray? Here's What Celebrity Stylists Had To Say

At some point in our lives as adult women, we've all had to enlist the help of dry shampoo or dry powder spray. We've either tried to make a blowout stretch an extra day or two, or snoozed the alarm a few too many times in the morning and not had time to wash our greasy, days old hair. Thankfully, there are zillions products out there to help us look (and smell...) like clean, freshly showered goddesses.

The problem, though, is figuring out which of these products to use. Dry shampoo and dry powder spray may look like they do the same thing (make you look presentable without having to shower) but they actually each effect your hair in distinct ways. So what is the difference between dry shampoo and dry oil?

According to some of the top stylists in the haircare industry, the difference is in the details. The products are made up of different chemical formulas, which cause them to do different things to your hair. "Dry Shampoos have a higher amount of powder and starch to absorb oils. Dry finishing sprays add wax to give the hair shine and pieceyness,says Dove Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend.

Basically, dry shampoo is better for combatting grease while dry spray is meant for styling. According to Matrix Style Link Celebrity Stylist Nick Stenson, "Dry shampoo should be used in between shampooing. Dry powders/sprays are great to use in styling – they’ll add texture to any look you’re trying to create."

Now that you know when to use each of these miraculous (and dare I say lifesaving?) products, here are five recommendations worth trying out at home.

1. Play Back Dry Shampoo

Matrix Style Link Mineral Play Back Dry Shampoo, $18, Matrix

Matrix's dry shampoo works to absorb oils, which will help add a few extra hours (or days...) to your perfect hair. If you've overused a greasy product, just spray Play Back to the oily areas and it will leave you with a matte, perfect looking finish.

2. Dove Dry Shampoo

Drove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo Volume & Fullness, $3.99, Target

Dove's dry shampoo has a texturizing element, which helps with styling as well as oil absorption. It won't leave white residue on your scalp (#tbt to baby powder days) and will give you a freshly washed, new hair smell.

3. Oribe Texturizing Spray

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $46, Jet

Kim Kardashian swears by this texturizing spray (and actually, so do I), and it's quite possibly the best smelling thing on the planet. It gives your hair a fresh, glossy finish that you won't be able to stop sniffing.

4. Garnier Texturizing Spray

Garnier Texture Tease, $4.29, Garnier

Want the perfect model-off-duty tousled, textured hair for under $5? Garnier's got you covered. Its micro-mineral powder formula gives strands a flexible grip, which helps with styling. It dries instantly and will make your hair feel weightlessly lifted and texturized.

5. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, $22, Sephora

The best part about this ultra-light dry shampoo from Living Proof? It not only absorbs oil, it also has odor neutralizers that eliminate unwanted smells and a time-release fragrance that gives off a refreshing, long-lasting scent all day long.

Images: FadeQ/Unsplash; Courtesy of Brands