Is Albert Alexander Kaine Jr. At The Debate? Tim Kaine's Father Taught His Son A Lot

Sen. Tim Kaine has been at the center of dad jokes since Hillary Clinton chose the former Virginia governor to be her running mate last July. Tim Kaine: America's Very Nice Dad Who'll Definitely Drive You and Your Friends to the Mall. But what about America's favorite grandfather? It turns out America will have the chance to meet Albert Alexander Kaine Jr. at the vice presidential debate.

Kaine has talked extensively about his father, a retired iron worker who goes by "Al," over the course of the campaign. Al Kaine, who is now in his 80s, has even traveled with his son to various stops throughout the Midwest, bringing a bit of folksiness to the Clinton campaign.

Born in Kansas in 1934, Al Kaine came from modest roots, and eventually started his own iron working business in Kansas City. Al Kaine's unionized small business, which he ran for 25 years, has become a major talking point for his son on the campaign trail. "It was a wonderful family business, like so many others around this country," Kaine said in a recent speech before a crowd of iron workers while his father sat proudly on the stage behind him.

The vice presidential candidate also elaborated on his childhood, and how his father's hard work did not stop him from building a strong family. "I remember him working very hard, but always having time for us through baseball, coaching, or activities," Kaine said in a recent campaign video. "Life really revolved around friends, church, and school."

"I definitely learned from Dad about how to treat people," Kaine adds in the campaign video. "You know, there's a right way and a long way to treat people. ... I cannot imagine having a better father, a better teacher, or a better example."

Al Kaine still resides in Kansas City, but he's used to traveling for his son's political aspirations. During his run for Senate in 2012, Kaine posted a photo to Facebook showing Al and Kathy Kaine supporting him at a campaign event in Virginia. "Incredibly happy to be joined by my wonderful parents, Al and Kathy, who came from Kansas City to help with the final days of the campaign," Kaine captioned the photo.

Kaine will face off with Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence at Virginia's Longwood University on Tuesday night. CBS News reporter Elaine Quijano, a longtime political journalist, will moderate.