Is It Time For 'Grease 2: Live'?

by Allie Gemmill

If there's one thing to be learned from the 2016 Emmys, it's that Grease: Live was a massive feat of live theater and was rightfully rewarded for it's skillful feat on FOX earlier in 2016. After beating out Lemonade for Best Directing for a Variety Special, Grease: Live cemented its status as one of the best televised musicals seen yet— and that's saying something, considering the numerous televised musicals that have come before it. Now that the show is an Emmy-winning property, it's only natural to start wondering whether there is any more Grease magic to be gleaned. Directors Thomas Kail and Alex Rudzinski revealed to PEOPLE that they've put Grease 2 high on their list for their next television musical. Rudzinski is on record stating, "We [Kail & Rudzinski] thought, '[If Grease: Live can win an Emmy], Grease 2 would wipe the floor.' "

Wipe the floor, indeed. Grease 2: Live would work amazingly well for a live television format. If anything, the story is more over-the-top, theatrical, tongue-in-cheek and amazing than its predecessor and isn't that what we want out of our televised theater spectacles? I think so. In film, Grease 2 may be a smidge less iconic that it's cinematic predecessor, yet it is somehow even more camp than the original and for the purposes of live theater, could translate well to the small screen with all of its innuendo and joie de vivre.

Even better, Rudzinski let slip that he's already got Michelle Pfeiffer on speed dial for a cameo and has planned out the "Cool Rider" number. What I want to know is: If it happens, are they going to keep "We're Gonna Score Tonight" and film it in an actual bowling alley? Is Maxwell Caulfield (better known as Michael Carrington in Grease 2) going to show up and totally make us swoon all over again with his perfect British accent? There are so many great callbacks and cameos to the film version that can work in a televised setting that it seems crazy not to bring it to the small screen. Capitalizing on the success of Grease: Live is a strong creative move that could lead the way to having another hit in the bag for Kail and Rudzinski.

Are you getting jittery with excitement over the mere thought of Grease 2: Live, or is it just me? To be honest, it's Saturday night and I've never felt more alive, which means I should probably go to the nearest bowling and dance out this excitement. Right?

Image: Kevin Estrada/FOX