Margot Robbie's 'SNL' Opening Monologue Dress Was Almost As Great As Her Fact-Checking Sketch — VIDEO

Margot Robbie got off to a stunning start as host of the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on Oct. 1. Sure, the episode has been heavy with American politics, since it's the height of election season, but the Aussie actress took it in stride in her opening monologue while wearing an, ahem, interesting dress. Yep, you saw correctly —Margot Robbie's SNL opening monologue dress had some familiarly shaped gold leaves and the choice was just as good as her hilarious opening sketch.

Were those gold leaves a statement on the status of American politics? Was it a statement that she's zoned about from all the politics talk? Most likely, the actress just thought it was a cool dress to wear on a funny Saturday night comedy show. The only thing better than her dress was her fact-checking opening monologue, inspired by the recent Presidential debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump. Robbie and several SNL cast members fact-checked the monologue, in which Robbie admits to the audience that she always lies and, despite claims, she did not hang out with Cecily Strong at the ballet last night. No one fact-checked the dress, but it didn't need it — it was totally a hit on Twitter.

It was totally fun to see Robbie get in the spirit of this crazy election as an Aussie.

Later in the show, Robbie changed out of that cool dress and got into costume as Ivanka Trump during a Family Feud parody sketch that featured Clinton vs. Trump teams. She also was willing to lose her hair and sport some fake bad teeth in the sketch "The Librarian" and join the Scooby Doo parody "The Hunch Bunch" as a feminist member.

Check out the full video below:

So far, Robbie is definitely impressing with her comedic side.

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