Leslie Jones Addresses Her Website Hack On 'SNL' In A Hilarious 'Mr. Robot' Parody — VIDEO

Last summer, Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones endured racist attacks on Twitter and privacy-invading hack on her website, which released personal information about the actor and comedian. But on Saturday night, the Ghostbusters star addressed the issue on the season premiere of the NBC comedy series and it was hilarious. Leslie Jones' hack as a Mr. Robot parody sketch on SNL was an important and funny way for the comedian to talk about the very serious harassment that happened to her this past summer, but with Jones' trademark humor.

In the sketch, Jones finds the right man to solve internet harassment issues: Elliott, the vigilante hacker from the acclaimed USA Network drama series Mr. Robot. The anti-social character (played in the sketch by Pete Davidson) has no idea who Jones is at first, but he eventually agrees totrack down Jones' mystery hacker, which proves to be one of his toughest tasks. Of course, the comedian herself chimes in during the search from time to time — she's impressed when Elliott guesses her password (it's "password") and she even breaks out a fun Ghostbusters reference, when he tells her that Mr. Robot is a ghost. I don't think I have to tell you what she says, but just in case:


It's so great to see Jones be able to humorously address what was a pretty rough summer for her in a fun sketch and Twitter agrees that it's wonderful to see Jones take on the situation on SNL.

So who was the hacker? Well, Elliott figures out that it was Jones herself who did it. "It seems that you backed up your photos your online website, which is really hard to do," he says.

Check out the full video here:

Not sure what Elliott's comment means, but I think he is saying that Leslie Jones is the true hero of this story — and now she can get back to bringing the funny this season on SNL.

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