Gwyneth Paltrow Plans on Wearing 'Man Repeller' Shoes and '90s Overalls for Spring

When you picture Gwyneth Paltrow in your head, you think "man repeller," right? Wrong. That might be the last word we'd pick to describe the GOOP goddess. With her body-hugging cut-out dresses, plunging necklines and always perfectly glowing hair, she's perhaps the polar opposite of what men find repulsive. But the 41-year-old told People StyleWatch that it isn't crop tops and summer dresses she's looking forward to wearing this warmer-weathered season. It's ugly shoes and '90s-inspired attire.

"I’m excited to just wear sandals. I’m not a wedge person, I’m sort of into ‘Man Repeller’ shoes at the moment. Ugly-chic sandals for summer." Side note: Let this be another indication of how much of an influence Leandra Medine is in the world.

While Paltrow definitely rocks her Louboutins on those long Tracy Anderson-trained stems of hers, we can actually picture her in some comfy white Birkenstocks. In addition to bringing back the footbed sandal, Paltrow plans on being a huge part of the denim overall revival. In fact, she says she's never stopped trying to make them happen again. "I love overalls. I never stopped wearing overalls."

I think I speak for everyone here when I say I cannot wait to see photos of Paltrow in some shortalls and Birkenstocks.