How To Soften Leather Boots So You Don't Get Blisters Ever Again

October is well underway, which means that Fall has officially arrived. If you're anything like me, you know that a new season signals a time for a complete wardrobe overhaul. What will you replace all your sandals, bikinis, and denim shorts with if not some new leather goodies? To avoid dealing with those painful irritating blisters that you inevitably get from new shoes, we've found the best hacks that will help soften your leather boots in a jiffy.

Oftentimes I get so swept up with excitement over a new pair of kicks that I wear them right out of the store and straight to happy hour. Halfway through the night, I am beating myself up for not taking the time to prime my new shoes because my feet. are. killing. me.

As it turns out, you no longer have to wear your new booties around the house for days before breaking them out for all your outdoor fall fun. There are tons of DIY hacks that require very little skill or effort, and they can pretty much be done anywhere at any time. From crushing the heels, to freezing your boots (yes, literally freezing), here are five hacks to soften your boots without the pain.

1. Mash The Heels

DUNE BLACK Palla reptile-print chelsea boots, $94, Selfridges

The heels are the stiffest part of the shoe. According to GQ, crushing or mashing the heels a bit will help to soften these tough areas and help break the boots in quicker. You can do this by wearing the boots and stepping hard on the heels, or you can physically bang up the heels a bit with your hands.

2. Stick Them In The Freezer

Ziploc Sandwich Bag, 90 Count, $6, Amazon

This trick sounds a little strange, but it seems to work. All you have to do is fill two ziplock bags with water, carefully making sure that no air is inside. Then stick the water-filled bags inside each shoe and place the shoes in the freezer overnight. The water will freeze inside the shoe and help stretch them out.

3. Stuff Your Boots

Jessica Simpson "Ricel" Stretch Leather Tall Boot, $169, HSN

Lauren Conrad demonstrates another great way to beak your boots in on her blog. Stuff each shoe with a rolled up a towel and let them sit for a while. This will help stretch them out, but also help keep their shape once they're worn in.

4. Spray & Soak

Soft N Style Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 5 Ounce, $5, Amazon

According to PopSugar, spraying shoes with an alcohol and water mixture will help soften them by stretching the natural fibers of the shoe. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts rubbing alcohol and water, spray into each boot, and let soak overnight.

5. Add Some Heat

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Blasting certain stiff areas with some medium-to-high heat is a great way to help stretch out new shoes that won't budge. All you have to do is point your hair dryer for 30-60 seconds and you're all done! It doesn't get much easier than that.

Images: Courtesy of brands