Tarte Is Having A Major Birthday Week Sale

Happy birthday Tarte Cosmetics. The brand is celebrating its 16th year of giving makeupistas products that are known for being "performance naturals." Tarte is rewarding fans, known as "Tartelettes," with a maj sale. How generous and selfless, right? Tarte is having a birthday blowout sale that lasts all week. But you need to pay attention to the details and specifics. Where and how can you shop the Tarte Cosmetics birthday sale?

Initially, the sale was said to end at midnight on Oct. 3. But the Tarte site is still featuring loads of deep discounts on some incredible products. Also, when I hopped on the site, I was prompted to enter my email address to unlock today's daily deal for the brand's birthday week sale. So you will want to do that, as well.

There are likely several items you have been eyeing involved in this sale — now is the time to take advantage of the incredible savings.

It's so insanely easy to enjoy the discounts. Grab your credit card and head over to the official Tarte Cosmetics site.

You can see that there are plenty of items that are 60% off. That less than half price. It's a legit treasure trove of items designed for all of your features.

Below is the screenshot regarding the birthday week sale details.

Are the bday surprises and the 60% off sale one and the same? Bustle reached out to Tarte reps to clarify the sale particulars.

The Tarte 60% sale includes standalone products, palettes, sets, and more. It's an embarrassment of riches. If you aren't already a Tartelette, you will become one based on these discounted offerings.

The brand posted an Instagram video, featuring makeup and cupcakes, which are two things that I love, to reveal the news of the bday sale. It's more like birthday steals.

Observe the Insta clip below.

Happy Sweet 16, Tarte!

Here is a screenshot of what is currently on sale.

And another. Are you clutching your chest right now? Trying to catch your breath? I know, I get it. I had the same reaction. It's that good. There's tons more on the Tarte site.

So, don't waste any more time. Act now. Hit the Tarte site and scoop up what you need and want now, before the items sell out or go back to full price.

Images: Tarte/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics (3)