Fans of Lisa Kudrow's 'The Comeback,' REJOICE!

HBO's 2005 series The Comeback has been dubbed as one of the best cult series in the past decade. Lisa Kudrow starred in 13 episodes as Valerie Cherish, a once popular and now washed-up sitcom star who lands a reality show that follows her "return" to fame. And now it looks like Cherish may have another shot at the small screen.

Much like a fellow single-camera comedy of the time, Arrested Development, The Comeback was often said to be ahead of its time. The painfully on-point series was nominated for three Emmys in its first and only season, including an acting nod for Kudrow who was so, so underrated. And again, just like Fox's Arrested Development, The Comeback looks like it may be making, well, a comeback.

The series has enjoyed a growing fanbase since its first and only season aired and it continues to find new fans nearly 10 years after the show ended. Kudrow and the show's creator Michael Patrick King remain friends and often discuss where they envision Valerie Cherish nowadays. In an interview with Bravo's Andy Cohen, according to Kudrow, you'd probably find Valerie, “Taking classes at the Actor’s Studio. Just because." However, King and Kudrow aren't the only people talking about Valerie's whereabouts. HBO has also joined the conversation and is looking to resurrect The Comeback with fresh installments.

Here's hoping HBO follows through and we get more of Valerie Cherish, because this DVD extra of her backstage Dancing With the Stars footage just isn't enough.

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