15 Tweets Donald Trump Might Want To Delete

by Natasha Guzmán

If you hadn't noticed, over the past seven years, Donald Trump has been active on Twitter. Throughout his time on the social media platform, the Republican nominee has shared everything, from monthly reminders assuring the public that he doesn’t wear a wig, to advice for celebrities going through breakups, to holiday wishes for the “haters and losers” (whom he has in his thoughts during a surprising number of holidays, including Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Easter, Veteran’s Day, Father’s Day, and the New Year), to wisdom-filled pieces of business advice, to public service announcements alerting young girls, parents of children, and grown women of Anthony Weiner’s presence on Twitter, to observations about the kind of person who drinks diet soda, to basically anything else that might capture his interest.

It should come as no surprise that Trump’s Twitter account is therefore filled with a seemingly endless amount of political opinions, many of which are controversial.

But with a following as dedicated as Trump's core group of voters, is there anything he’s shared that could cause them to doubt their commitment? Possibly. Not likely, but still. Here is a list of tweets Trump should consider deleting before the Clinton camp becomes aware of their existence and brings them up in next Monday’s presidential debate.

Clinton And Libya

Here, Trump is relieving Clinton of responsibility regarding Libya. His tweet is in response to another user’s request that he share his thoughts on Clinton “taking the blame” for President Obama’s decision to go to Libya. He shares nothing more than restating that the Democrat did take the blame.

Considering how strongly Trump has attacked Clinton for the 2011 United States intervention in Libya, this is not likely a tweet his supporters would appreciate seeing. In a speech in June, he said, “Her invasion of Libya handed the country over to ISIS, the barbarians.” In December of last year, he was even tougher, saying, "You look at what she did with Libya, what she did with Syria. Look at Egypt, what happened with Egypt, a total mess […] She's killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity."

Winners And Losers

The majority of Trump’s supporters are poor, working-class Americans who blame Obama for the struggling economy. By saying that the “Obama depression” is good for dividing the winners from the losers, he’s explicitly labeling anyone who’s been unable to overcome their economic problems during the past eight years as a loser.

Trump The Hunter?

The Republican nominee has repeatedly said that he disagrees with hunting over the years (and in that third tweet, he even implies that hunters aren’t nice people). But since entering the election, he’s seemingly adopted the opposite stance. In an interview earlier this year, Trump was asked if he would go hunting with his his sons as president, to which he answered, “As far as going hunting with my boys, that would be something that I’d love to do. I’ve done it before, but I’d love to do it.”

Women In Combat

Trump has gone back and forth when it comes to his stance on women serving in combat roles. Last year, he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he’s in favor of women in combat because “they’re really into it” and “some of them are really, really good at it.” Despite this, Trump likes to cite the rate of rape as a reason women should perhaps not fill combat roles. It might be a smart idea to take down this tweet while he figures out what stance he’s going to finally adopt.

His Feuds With Women

Calling Arianna Huffington, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker ugly, while also blaming Kate Middleton for the publication of paparazzi photos of herself in the nude, are probably not things that will disturb his strongest supporters. Yet with the recent Alicia Machado fiasco, it would be a smart decision to erase as much evidence of his misogynistic behavior as possible.

Honorary Mentions

Everyone knows about Trump's past friendship with the Clintons, but these tweets really undermine his current attempts at convincing everyone that they're terrible people.

So while Trump might want to delete these tweets before the Clinton campaign jumps on these discrepancies, ultimately, whether he chooses to do so is irrelevant. I’ve saved screenshots of them all.