I Tried 8 Posture Bras To See Which Ones Worked

I wore a backpack over one shoulder all throughout high school and college, I look at the ground while I walk, I work almost exclusively from a computer, and I’m four foot eleven (so I get used as an armrest). The idea of wearing bras to support and improve posture has always intrigued me, because — face it — when all of the aforementioned factors are combined, slouching and back problems are pretty much inevitable. That being said, great bras that improve posture are a little hard to come by, primarily because a lot of people don’t even know that these types of bras exist. Well, they do, and as of last month, I can be the first to tell you that they’re wonderful.

Over the past couple weeks, I was lucky enough to sample some of the best options from a few really great companies that aim to change the way that women wear their bras. Representatives from Exquisite Form, Carnival Creations, and Glamorise were more than willing to provide me with some samples, so that I could try out a few of their best-selling posture bras. The good news? The difference in my posture while sitting at my computer or going about my business was like night and day. The even better news? All of these bras are available on Amazon, and each has different features and functionalities, so that anyone can find an awesome posture bra that suits their needs.

1. Great Support In The Bust Area, As Well As The Back

Glamorise MagicLift Front Close Posture Support Bra (36DD-58K), $15-$62, Amazon

Out of all the bras I tried out, Glamorise's 'MagicLift' front-closing posture bra definitely had the most support for the bust area, and as a girl with a larger chest, this feature is definitely important to me. It has an elastic band inside the cups that helps with lifting and shaping, as well as thick material over the cups to give you adequate coverage.

This bra works by pulling your shoulders back and together using thick straps, zigzagged stitching, and support bands in the back. The front-close hooks make it really convenient to put on and take off, and it comes in five different colors that suit any wardrobe. Best of all, despite the fact that it’s really supportive, it’s ridiculously comfortable, too — no jutting wires or cutting bands anywhere.

2. This One Offers Loads Of Unobtrusive Support

Exquisite Form Original Longline Posture Bra (34B-48DD), $20-$26, Amazon

While Exquisite Form's original longline posture bra gives you lots of support, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, which should be the primary goal while correcting your posture. It’s got ribbing up the side, but the wires are flattened against your body, so there isn’t any poking or prodding. This one also has the crisscross elastic bands in the back to correct your shoulders, as well as the extra-wide bottom band to align your hips.

In addition to the front-close feature (which is great when you’re dealing with a longline bra like this one), I’m also a fan of the double support under cups and the lace detailing all over the bra. It’s one of those bras that you can wear under your pajamas for some extra spine support while you’re lounging, or you can wear underneath your favorite dress on a night out — it’s that pretty and comfortable.

3. A Luxurious Silky Feel With Adjustable Straps

Carnival Front Closure Adjustable Posture Bra (34B-44DD), $19-$33, Amazon

Definitely the most luxurious bra I tried out, Carnival's front closure adjustable posture bra is awesome for two distinct reasons: one, the cups are made from a smooth and silky material that feels great and looks even better, and two, the straps are entirely adjustable — a feature you very rarely see with posture bras. They’ve got the same hook and eye closure that you see in the front, so you can personalize how much support you’re getting from your shoulders.

Even though there aren’t any wires, this one does a great job with keeping your spine particularly straight. It uses a wide bottom band, thick straps, and a racerback crisscross elastic backing to help you sit straighter and more comfortably. The seams in the front are also curved for a more rounded appearance, and the material’s much thicker with this one, if you’re looking for a bit more coverage.

4. Support From Your Hips To Your Shoulders

Glamorise Magiclift Long Line Bra (36B-48F) , $30-$67, Amazon

This Glamorise 'Magiclift' long line bra is incredible, if you need posture support from your hips all the way up to your shoulders. The wide bottom band helps you to straighten your lower back, while the vertical wire ribbing on the side keeps your torso upright and your spine straight. Then there’s the wide U-shaped back straps, which comfortably pull your shoulders back, so you’re sitting tall and comfortably.

I’m a little bit too in love with lace, and this bra is gorgeous. The half portion of the cup has an intricate lace design, while the bottom half is a silky material that feels great. Inside the cup, you’ve got the elastic band that helps to keep you lifted, and despite the fact that this bra is pretty structured, it’s stretchy and soft in all the right places.

5. Correct Your Upper Back With A Minimizing Bra

Exquisite Form Front Close Posture Bra (34B-46DD), $18-$24, Amazon

If you’re not really about the corset fit, but you’re still looking to correct your upper back, this Exquisite Form front-closing posture bra has the same great features as the longline version, but it cuts off above the ribs like a regular bra. Instead of the ribbed siding, it’s got a durable elastic band that pulls your chest up and your shoulders back — but everything else is the same, like the thick supportive straps and the elastic backing to keep you sitting upright.

The front-close feature is also really convenient, and because the fabric is thin and subtle, this one’s a great minimizer bra for women who like adequate support without all the extra padding. Again, the lace detailing is really pretty, and the V-neck cut allows you to wear lower shirts without your bra showing.

6. Lift Your Chest Along With Your Shoulders And Back

Carnival Front Closure Posture Back Support Bra (34B-44DD), $20-$30, Amazon

If you refuse to compromise on lift, the Carnival front-closure posture support bra should be your go-to. The ultra-stretchy thick straps, wire-free reinforced bottom cup, and full-coverage design will keep your chest supported and raised, but the dual-section cups and lace design are still really pretty.

Best of all, this bra really keeps your back straight while you’re sitting or going about your day. The crisscross power net back is particularly stretchy and comfortable, but it does wonders, as far as pulling your shoulder blades together, so your chest naturally expands and rises. My favorite feature is straps, which swoop down in the front and form a racerback-like style in the back, so this one feels like a sports bra, while performing like a comfortable corset.

7. Like Supportive Pajamas For Your Chest

Exquisite Form Front Close Cotton Posture Bra (34B-46DD), $8-$24, Amazon

This one is like really supportive pajamas for your chest. The Exquisite Form cotton posture bra is made entirely out of imported cotton, so it’s one of the softest materials you’ll ever feel. It’s also got a really cute mesh cut-out design in the front, and the padded straps, the front-close hooks, and the breathable cups make this bra both comfortable and convenient.

That being said, it’s also pretty supportive. It’s got a wire-free (but strong) band that pulls your chest upwards, and it’s got a reinforced power net in the back to help align your shoulder blades and keep you sitting up. Reviewers are really thrilled about how long-lasting this bra is, too — because there’s no plastic parts or poking wires, it can take everything from workouts to countless washes and still work like new.

8. The Most Back Support Possible

Carnival Front Closure Longline Posture Bra (34B-44DD), $33-$53, Amazon

If you’re looking for the most back support possible, this Carnival front-closure longline posture bra wears like a corset, but feels like something much more comfortable. It has two flat wires on each side (one in the front and one in the back) to keep both your spine and torso upright all day long, no matter what you’re doing. The whole bottom part is made from a stretchy yet durable mesh material, the back has a crisscross posture design, and the two-inch elastic waistband stops the bra from slipping or riding up.

But while this bra is sturdy and reliable, it’s also comfortable and stylish. The lifting cups are lace on the top, and the subtle detailing along the straps looks gorgeous and feels great, so you can wear this one underneath your pajamas or underneath your work clothes.

Images: Amazon (8); Illustration: Monica Andino

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