OFRA's Sculpting Kit & Sponger Are Major

Forget about nontouring. Contouring and sculpting are still maj trends in makeup and not just because Kardashians and Jenners kontinue to kontour and define. Want further proof? OFRA Cosmetics has launched Skin Sculpting Wands and a Perfecting Puff. They can be used together or solo but when combined, the products and the tool should give you perfectly highlighted, contoured, and shadowed features and skin.

The OFRA Perfecting Puff and Skin Sculpture Wand, $15, OFRA Cosmetics

Call it "sculpting" or "contouring" or whatever you want. It's all about definition. When and where can you buy the OFRA Perfecting Puff and Skin Sculpting Wands?

The OFRA Perfecting Puff and Skin Sculpting Wands are available via the official OFRA site, which is the brand's sales platform, as of Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m PT. Personally, it's that egg-shaped sponge that caught my eye, since I am not an expert contour-er by any means. But I would certainly love to dampen that seafoam green puff and use it to blend concealer or even my facial moisturizer. It's latex-free, it expands, and the color is dreamy. It's like a minty cushion that will bounce gently and softly as it applies product to your face.

As is the case with most contouring and definition products, you can use one or all the shades in order to create shadows and light around your facial features.

All the details are in the caption, with one of the most important being the fact that the product is infused with plant stem cells, so it has a skincare element to it.

The OFRA Perfecting Puff and Skin Sculpture Wand, $15, OFRA Cosmetics

It's all about that balance of light and dark. This beauty used the Skin Sculpting set to create quite a defined look. Her gorgeous glow certainly provides inspo and makes you want to replicate her style.

The Perfecting Puff, $15, OFRA Cosmetics

Here is the price breakdown.

Skin Sculpting Set with the Perfecting Puff is $15. The Skin Sculpting Set is $50. An Individual Skin Sculpting Wand is $15. The Perfecting Puff is $15 on its own. Your best bet is to do the whole set, if it's definition you desire.

You can customize your purchase and buy as little or as many pieces of this collection as you want. Happy shopping.

Images: OFRA Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy of OFRA Cosmetics (3)