Madonna Doesn't Shave Her Armpits & Other Celebs Who Have A Distaste For Grooming

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So, if you were checking your Instagram feed lately you might see that Madonna likes to show off her hairy armpits. You know what? Props to Madge for not giving a damn (or as she says, "Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!!"). Do what you want and what makes you feel comfortable when it comes to grooming... or, er, not grooming.

The Queen of Pop isn't the only famous lady out there who prefers to not do the waxing-shaving-tweezing thing. In fact, we've rounded up a bunch of other celebrities who would rather just not pick off a few hundred stray hairs. We're not judging, we're just saying... these folks have a publicized distaste for grooming.

Image: Madonna/Instagram

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