Olivia Newton-John Is All For That 'Grease' Theory

If you're planning on watching a musical this Halloween season, odds are you're thinking of going for the likes of Rocky Horror Picture Show or even Little Shop Of Horrors. But, would you ever consider adding Grease to the list? As it turns out, Olivia Newton-John would! Responding to the recent Grease fan theory suggesting that Sandy was actually dead the whole time which is floating around the Interwebs, the actress behind the beloved character in the 1978 film added her very own insight into the theory that Sandy died before making it to Rydell. However, rather than Danny and Sandy being ghosts or figments of her imagination, Newton-John's reaction to the Grease fan theory will only make you want to rewatch the movie for the thousandth time — or maybe even produce your very own production.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Newton-John quipped while being interviewed by AOL Build. “If that’s the case, we were the first zombie musical. We look pretty good considering.” Yes. Zombie Grease. And, even though she meant it as a joke, some of the dance moves featured throughout the Rydell High prom certainly look zombie-ish to me. Maybe that's why the school was being televised for all to see?

Unfortunately, a zombie Grease doesn't really match up with the original fan theory. In fact, the Grease theory circulating on Reddit focuses more on all of Rydell High being nothing more than dream — or, even an afterlife — for Sandy. According to the theory, after Danny met Sandy at the beach, he wasn't able to save her when "she nearly drowned" (as described in the song "Summer Nights"). From there, Sandy reflected on the boy she met and the life she wanted to live before saying "Goodbye to Sandra Dee" and flying off into heaven. People don't just sing and dance their way through their problems. And what are the odds that her family really moved all the way from Australia to the exact high school Danny goes to? It's all too perfect.

That said, the theory that Sandy was driving into Heaven was promptly shot down by the musical's original creator, Jim Jacobs — who swore to TMZ that "acid" must have been involved in that first fan theory.

Either way, I personally still think this theory is good fun. Now, if only Newton-John could produce of a zombified version of the classic musical. Otherwise, I might just go as a zombified Pink Lady for Halloween.

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