Anarchist Cat Lover? We Found Your People

From the depths of the Internet comes "Catarchy," a Facebook page open to anarchists who have an undying love for their cats — proving that Anarchists are capable of love and aren't running around like mad men causing riots. No, they too have a soft spot for these fuzzy creatures.

"Catarchy" features plenty of laughable photos and posts involving felines, and the group certainly doesn't hold back. One member posted three photos of her cat with the caption: "This is Lou. He is a certifiable a-hole and makes it his mission in life to bring down the establishment. His escape efforts are generally thwarted, but one day he will stage his coup and be free of the oppression imposed on him." Good luck on your endeavors, Lou.

Other members post selfies with their felines, like one guy who posed with his blind cat and said: "This is my cat, General Sterling Price. He is blind, but even he can see that power corrupts. He also loves attention. Classic feline." Classic indeed.

Other members take it upon themselves to post related blogs, quotes and, of course, lots and lots of photos of their own government-rejecting pets. Keep fighting the good fight, furry friends!

Images: Facebook