Stephen Colbert's Kitten Debate Focus Group Is What You Need Right Meow — VIDEO

The vice presidential debate on Tuesday involved markedly more substantive issues than the first presidential debate. There was no lack of tension between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, but it was much less dramatic than the 90 minute-long exchange between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the week before. While focus groups have abounded in the wake of the VP debate, there will surely be discussions about their conclusions. One particular demographic stood out — though it may not be remembered as the most consequential of focus groups, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 's all-kitten focus group was definitely the fluffiest of all.

The Late Show live-streamed the focus group that consisted of 10 adorable kittens caged in with a TV screening the debate. The kittens — who, if they had understood what was going on, would likely have tried harder to escape — milled around pawing at cat toys and such as social media fawned over them.

Colbert's teaser video said, cheekily, "People don’t know much about the VP candidates. But nobody knows less … than these 10 kittens."

But it wasn't all just about seeing kittens play. The show's Facebook page noted that they were available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America.

Although kittens are always a crowd-pleaser, for those experiencing election fatigue but wanted in on the action anyway, it was a welcome respite. Honestly, it may even have been the best way to watch the debate. If viewers had grown weary of the political back-and-forth between Kaine and Pence, two seasoned politicians who couldn't seem to stop sniping at each other or interrupting and talking over moderator Elaine Quijano, they at least had entertaining visual.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ultimately, vice presidential debates aren't known to garner too much consideration from the public — particularly in this election, when there is the ever-unpredictable Trump to look to for outrageous entertainment. Neither Kaine nor Pence came away the clear winner of the debate; it seemed almost dreary compared to the heated first presidential debate the week prior.

To be fair, however, that the VP nominees engaged in an actual dialogue on issues — immigration policy, police shootings, even reproductive rights — meant that it was much more reflective of what a typical political debate should be: light on theatrics and heavy on substance.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As for those disappointed by this debate's lack of histrionics, perhaps Colbert's all-kitten focus group provided another equally compelling kind of distraction.