Memes About Mike Pence & Tim Kaine Illustrate A Couple Of Their Similarities

We always knew that this was inevitable. A media event that puts two people side-by-side for over an hour is bound to draw comparisons to various other pairings. And because of Twitter, we have a treasure trove of comparisons. Some are actual couples. Some are famous buddies. Some are just pictures of twins because let's face it — that's what happens when you put two older white gentlemen next to each other. Thankfully they wore different color ties. At the outset, it seemed like boring and white was the best comparison. These are candidates that are best known for not being known.

There were even suggestions that Democratic nominee Tim Kaine and Republican nominee Mike Pence were basically the same person. But as the debate went on and claws continued to sharpen, the comparisons between people bickering or needling each other became more relevant. Kaine and Pence heated up and escalated interruptions depending on the subject at hand. They even began to talk over moderator Elaine Quijano, despite her continually asking them to simmer down.

Obviously, Twitter caught all of this and responded accordingly. Here are some of the very best Pence and Kaine comparison tweets of the night.

Before We Even Get Started

For this person, expectations weren't exactly high.

It Doesn't Get More White Than This

Real mayonnaise or real mayo? The choice is yours.

A tall glass of (skim, probably) milk with some classic white bread.

Everyone's third favorite condiment. Mayonnaise got a couple vice presidential comparisons.

Which One Are You?

That guy or that guy?

The answer may depend on whether we're talking about Danny Tanner or Bob Saget, honestly.

Impossible Babies

Sure we can go there. I don't need to bleach my brain now.

Can You Tell Me How To Get To 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

Before the debate really got going, it seemed like the interruptions would be mostly one sided. We were wrong.

All The Muppets

Puppets were big on Twitter for Kaine and Pence. I'll leave you to decide why.

Things Get Heated

It didn't take long for debating to turn into sparring.

The Real Issues

Because when they weren't interrupting each other, they tended to get a little diva-y.

This One Just Because

If a tweet includes Beyonce, rules of Twitter say you have to pass it on.