Mike Huckabee's Tim Kaine Debate Burn Is Superbly Absurd, And Will Make You Want Waffles

Regardless of whether or not presidential and vice presidential candidates can keep audiences engaged as they are watching from home, viewers can always count on surrogates to whip up fresh comebacks and witty slights to set free in the aftermath of a one-on-one debate. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's Tim Kaine debate burn is superbly absurd, and it will make you want a heaping plate of waffles.

After Huckabee said goodbye to his own candidacy for president of the United States following the Iowa caucuses, the former governor didn't immediately offer an endorsement for Republican nominee Donald Trump. However, Huckabee's daughter did make the crossover fairly quickly, becoming a senior advisor for the Trump campaign in late February. It took Huckabee another two months before making the move to team Trump, calling on all Republicans to unite behind the presidential candidate and business mogul. But when Huckabee finally stated he was going "all in" for Trump and his running mate Mike Pence, he appeared to have really meant what he said.

Huckabee is doing what surrogates do, which is remaining ready to claim a victory for his favored candidate. And that's exactly what he did immediately following the Oct. 4 vice presidential debate, with this odd slight against Kaine:

Not every reader of Huckabee's Twitter feed will be familiar with the tasty offerings of the Waffle House franchise, but the menu includes your standard oversized plates of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and — of course — waffles. What all readers can understand is the overwhelming sentiment on Huckabee's part that the candidates were playing for keeps in Tuesday's debate and Pence took it all home.

While the post-debate Tweet by Huckabee was more about pushing hard for Pence and less about Kaine's actual dining options, dismissing the former Arkansas governor's choice of metaphor as arbitrary doesn't seem to be an option. In bringing Waffle House to the table (the dining room table, that is), Huckabee was merely returning to a strong inclination for food-and-drink-related political burns, which he introduced to Twitter users during the debate.

That's right. Tim Kaine must be chock-full of vinegar, while Pence is a refreshing glass of iced tea. If Huckabee thinks he can sway voters merely by drawing connections between Pence, sweet tea, and some pecan waffles, he very well may be right.