How People Are Preparing For Hurricane Matthew In America Would Make Anybody Worried

As Florida and the Eastern seaboard gear up for the landfall of Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm that has already devastated Haiti, some Americans are already taking to social media to discuss the ways they're preparing. As the governor of South Carolina evacuates the coast and the National Guard is activated in Florida, these photos of pre-Hurricane Matthew panic show how scared everyone is for the approaching storm. Thankfully, however, it seems as though individuals are preparing accordingly.

As news outlets highlight the devastation wreaked by Matthew in the Caribbean, people in Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina have begun preparing for landfall while the storm is still hundreds of miles away from the coast. Those in potentially affected areas are clearing out the shelves of grocery stores and being urged by their politicians to evacuate as the massive storm approaches, causing more than a little panic. This anxiety is clear on Twitter, where the #HurricaneMatthew hashtag is full of worried coastal citizens commiserating, and even at times joking about the lengths they're going to to stay fed and dry during this high-powered megalith of a storm.

Everyone has different ideas of what they need to do to prepare for a hurricane. Some people buy lots of canned goods, some stock up on candles, and others? Well, they're just looking for something to help pass the time. Below are some of the best and most intense tweets about how people on Twitter are preparing for Matthew.


Some Are Stocking Up On Essentials

Because what more could you need than seltzer and booze, right?

Others Are Combating The Anxiety However They Can

Because cute stuff and Netflix goes a long way, y'all.

And A Lot Of People Are Just Plain Freaked Out

Being around all that panic would freak me out too, even without my own worries.