Swatches Of BH Cosmetics Nude Rose Palettes Will Have You Ready To Buy This Day & Night Combo

This fall is jam-packed with new makeup launches, but nothing quite like this. BH Cosmetics created two Nude Rose Palettes that work together to give you a day and night look. I'm talking literally, because the separate shadow cases magnetize together to make one giant eye collection. What colors are in the day and night combos? Swatches of the Nude Rose Palettes prove just how versatile the two are on their own and side-by-side.

If you're looking to take a break from holiday sets and focus on something that you can use year 'round, then this launch is for you. First, BH Cosmetics created their Nude Rose Palette. It's a gorgeous shimmery palette with the perfect shadows for an everyday eye look. Plus it has it's own brush included, and you can shop it right now on their website. Pretty great, right? Well, it gets better.

BH Cosmetics is expanding on the palette with an even darker 12-shade round-up. The Nude Rose Night Fall Palette is the second half of the previous already-released eyeshadow kit. The colors are just as shimmery, but are deep and jewel toned to create a night-out look. It comes with it's own brush just like the other, and even magnetizes to day palette to make for one giant eyeshadow collection.

The two combined make for the ultimate day and night palette. While you can pick the neutral side up on the BH Cosmetics site for just $14, you'll have to wait for the Night Fall side. According to the company's Snapchat, it's launching soon, but there's no date yet.

The palette has everything that the other is missing — dark smokey shades and a pop of color. I'm willing to bet it will be just as affordable as its second half. One look at these swatches and you'll see why the Nude Rose Night Fall Palette is worth the wait.

Look at that purple! It's so incredibly gorgeous.

Even the more neutral shades are absolutely gorgeous.

The shimmery dark shades are just as captivating as the pops of color.

Fingers crossed that this palette comes out soon, because they make the prettiest pair!

Images: BHCosmetics/Instagram (1), bhcosmetics/Snapchat