'High School Musical' Lyrics You Sang Wrong

Typically, I am a stickler for making sure accurate song lyrics are being sung. That being said, I am not perfect. I do, occasionally, get song lyrics wrong from time to time, especially when I learned songs way back before the internet was as optimized for research as it is now. For example, there are plenty of misheard High School Musical song lyrics that I have perpetuated, and I am here to do my due penance.

Hear me out. I’s not because I am a know-it-all, although I am sure my oft-corrected sister would disagree. It’s just that I put a lot of stock into lyrics and the meaning behind them, so it kills me when people miss the very point of the song. Makes sense, right? I think so. Thus, I am finally putting my money where my mouth is and righting my hypocritical song lyrics standards wrongs. Case in point, I’ve compiled a list of HSM lyrics that I got wrong and have provided the real lyrics underneath, so we can all be better High School Musical fans together. And, you know, to practice some humility when it comes to being a song lyric authority.

Here are 11 misheard lyrics from all three High School Musicals that you've been singing wrong that you'll probably want to correct yourself on.

1. "Bop To The Top"

Misheard lyrics: Kiss me, my love.

Actual lyric: ¿Quieres bailar?

To be fair, if you aren't a Spanish speaker, this can be slightly confusing.

2. "When There Was You And Me"

Misheard lyrics: It's funny when you blind yourself looking on the downside.

Actual lyrics: It's funny when you find yourself looking from the outside.

Yeah, the actual lyrics aren't as optimistic. This is a song of strife and longing, get with it.

3. "Now Or Never"

Misheard lyrics: Shake 'em with your crotch over.

Actual lyrics: Shake 'em with the crossover.

The first sign that these lyrics were most definitely incorrect is that this would never, ever, in a million years, come out of the mouth of a character is a Disney production.

4. "Stick To The Status Quo"

Misheard lyrics: Don't mess with the bro.

Actual lyrics: Don't mess with the flow.

To be fair, it fits.

5. "What Time Is It?"

Misheard lyrics: For my art to take chairs.

Actual lyrics: For my heart to take a chance.

Listen, I never said that the lyrics we were all singing made sense. Because, um, these clearly don't.

6. "You Are The Music In Me"

Misheard lyrics: And like a common friend.

Actual lyrics: And like a common thread.

That explains it.

7. "Everyday"

Misheard lyrics: They say you should go below.

Actual lyrics: They say that you should follow.

Maybe this song should come with some kind of GPS system or map? We're all clearly lost.

8. "Start Of Something New"

Misheard lyrics: I never opened my eyes to all the possibilities.

Actual lyrics: I never opened my heart to all the possibilities.

Different body part, guys.

9. "Breaking Free"

Misheard lyrics: Creating space between us, like we're separate parts.

Actual lyrics: Creating space between us, till we're separate hearts.

OK, this one has plagued me since 2006. I can't ever get it right, but, thankfully, it's just a slight deviation so people don't pick up on my mistake too often. I think.

10. "We're All In This Together"

Misheard lyrics: Wildcats in the house, everybody sing it loud.

Actual lyrics: Wildcats in the house, everybody say it now,

A common mistake. Don't be too hard on yourself.

11. "Fabulous"

Misheard lyrics: Bigger is better in bed.

Actual lyrics: Bigger and better and best.

So yeah, this one is so bad on so many levels. Mainly because it's a show about high school kids, once again, on the Disney Channel, and these lyrics just zap the innocence right out of everything. Even though they'd make sense in a different context — for a more mature musical, perhaps.

You're welcome for the clarification, Sharpay, Ryan, Troy, and Gabriella. I apologize for the previous injustices.

Image: Disney Channel