Travis Isn't The Only Kelce On 'Catching Kelce'

E! Entertainment premieres its new reality dating show, Catching Kelce, on Wednesday, Oct. 5. The show’s eligible bachelor is Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The series will chronicle Kelce as he courts women from across the United States. With so much pressure to bag the charming bachelor (and charming he is), his cast-offs may find themselves asking the old adage, “Does he have a brother?” He does — and we’ll meet Jason Kelce on Catching Kelce.

In the first episode of the reality series, Travis will meet a woman from every state, and she has 60 seconds to capture his attention. Travis will eliminate many women in the first episode, narrowing down his 50-women dating pool to just 20 bachelorettes. The 21 of them (including Travis) will then move to a Los Angeles mansion. According to Us Weekly, the format of the show will involve Travis picking a woman for a group date, but the twist is that she gets to decide which other women accompany them. With all of this decision-making and drama (you know, the basic elements of reality TV), Travis will probably need some help. This is where his brother, Jason, also a fellow football player, comes in.

Evan Habeeb/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Jason is currently playing center for the Philadelphia Eagles. But, when he’s off the field, he’ll be acting as Travis’ wingman on Catching Kelce. Jason opened up about his role to Philly.com and said he was on the reality series to lend “brotherly advice.” He added, “I’m in a few of the shows — I don’t think I have a major role. I think it was all filmed in May. I basically would just sit down with him and talk about which girls I liked, which girls I thought were ‘bad.’ That was about it.”

Jason won’t be the only one weighing in on Travis’ decisions, Travis’ longtime manager Aaron Eanes will also help Travis decide which woman will receive the “VIP” award at the end of each date.

So, to clarify, Travis gets to hang out in a house with 20 women fawning over him and he invited his brother and longtime buddy to help him weigh in? I’m sure he had to twist their arms… To see how the series unfolds and which all-American woman wins the football player’s heart, tune into Catching Kelce Wednesdays on E!