16 Organizing Tools For Work & Home Only A Type A Person Could Love

When I think of a classic case of 'Type A' personality, I immediately think of Monica Geller from Friends. She always wants things done her way, and she’s super organized (hello, 11 different kinds of towels). The great thing is that there are a ton of clever organizing tools and solutions for work and home out there that a person with a Type A personality would absolutely relish.

Type A people enjoy making lists, being punctual, organizing, and multitasking. They are pretty particular about how they like things being done, which typically translates into just doing it themselves. (There is nothing wrong with that! It embodies the GSD mentality).

While I personally don’t fall into this category, I have a bunch of family members who do. I can say that while they may like control, they are incredibly hardworking and feel deeply satisfied by getting the job done. They love anything that helps them stay organized and on task, like a notebook or day planner. Type A people enjoy things that are methodical and help them get whatever is on that list done. So, if you’re like Monica and everything you own has a specific home and you love to-do lists, here are incredibly clever items that you’ll be obsessed with if you have a Type A personality.

1. A Coordinating Desktop Starter Set

Desktop Starter Set, $44, Amazon

Supplies is needed to get stuff done. And with this starter set that includes pens, a pen holder, tape dispenser, and stapler, you'll be sure to finish everything on your To Do list

2. The Ultimate List-Making Tool

Knock Knock To Do , $6, Amazon

Ahh, let me just write that down. With four sections organized into 'Tasks,' 'Errands,' 'Correspondence,' and 'Notes' (plus, an 'all done' spot for checking off the items), this ultimate To Do list is the stuff Type A dreams are made of.

3. A Toilet Paper Stocker

YAMAZAKI home Plate Toilet Paper Stocker, $46, Amazon

The Japanese know how to take advantage of every inch of space in their homes (the apartments in Japanese cities are tiny!). So, of course a design company there came up with a minimalistic approach to storing an everyday space-hogging item like toilet paper.

4. Craft Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser With Assorted Tape Colors, $38, Amazon

Channel your inner Monica Geller with an awesome tape dispenser that not only keeps craft tape organized, but also makes it easy to use.

5. A Hanging Wall Organizer

Homecube Linen Cloth Hanging Storage, $10, Amazon

If you hate clutter and want to take advantage of all of your space, a hanging wall organizer is the perfect way to save space. It's a great storage solution to have by the front door for keys, sunglasses, and smaller wallets.

6. A Day Planner

ban.do I Am Very Busy Agenda, $28, Amazon

Type A people always have something going on. A day planner is the perfect way to keep track of all of your appointments and stay on task.

7. Labeled Bag Organizers

FLIGHT 001 GO CLEAN SET, $52, Amazon

Everything needs to have its place, and that includes dirty items when traveling. These clearly labeled waterproof bags will help any Type A person control their anxiety when it comes to organization.

8. Create Even More Space For Organizing

Yamazaki Home Under Shelf Storage, $33, Amazon

If nothing gives you greater joy than a completely organized closet, then I bet yours is already tidy. But wait — create even more real estate for organizing smaller items within reach with this utilitarian shelf.

9. A Label Maker

Brother PT-P700 PC Connectable Label Maker, $47, Amazon

Label makers are gold to someone with a Type A personality. They can make sure that everything is in the right place, just by printing out a tiny sticker.

10. A Compact Filing Cabinet

Popping White + Aqua Stow Rolling 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet, $250, Amazon

Stop sifting for important papers. Instead, get a compact but colorful filing cabinet that will help you keep track of any important documents you need to keep safe.

11. No More Bending Pristine Book Pages

Wicked Witch Bookmark , $25, Amazon

Does a tiny part of your soul die every time you have to fold a corner of your book? Suffer no more! This wicked witch bookmark comes handmade from an artist in the Ukraine, and if The Wicked Witch of the East always had your loyalty, then you can select from plenty of other place-marking legs, which bear a striking resemblance to your favorite characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more.

12. A Wood Journal For Even More List Making

Floral Monogram Wood Journal, $29, Amazon

You need a notebook to write down all of your extra To Do lists. The satisfaction of crossing something off that list is everything to you, after all — a spiral notebook is even better because you can tear out those pages when all your tasks are complete.

13. A Portable Phone Charger

Villain Portable Charger, $35, Amazon

Type As always have a back-up plan, and this portable charger has a built-in flashlight, and can charge your phone or tablet up to ten times.

14. A Perfectly Divided Colorful Clock

Present Time Karlsson Slices Colorful Wall Art , $125, Amazon

If you're someone who can appreciate evenly divided segments of colors (who doesn't, is the question), then this seriously cool and colorful clock (with perfectly contrasting minute and hour hands, by the way) is going to be your next-favorite conversation piece.

15. A Cosmetic Mirror That Catches Clutter

Yamazaki Home Tosca Trays & Mirror, $46, Amazon

Any Type A individual knows how frustrating it is to remove earrings and have no place to put the backs. Enter: this stacked mirror. Use the two curved dishes to catch anything you'd rather not have cluttering up your counter.

16. A Place To Keep Your Paper Clips That Matches Them

Midori D-Clips, $5, Amazon

Not much is more exciting for a Type A individual than making sure everything has its rightful place, and then making sure that rightful place matches perfectly with the paper clips contained inside of it.

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