Where To Buy Pizza Floats And 19 Other Gifts For People Who Love Food

I can immediately tell who I can and cannot trust based on their opinion of food. If you’re a fellow lover of all things edible, you can instantly weed out any potential haters with the best food-related gifts. For instance, if someone walks into my bedroom and doesn’t seem particularly thrilled about my carrot plush toy (who maturely goes by the name of Mr. Carrot Man), I know that I’ll be saving myself a lot of disappointment and lonely future snacking if I just point to the front door then and there.

I’m mostly kidding, but in all actuality, my best friends are the ones with whom I can eagerly pass a tub of ice cream back and forth and have zero regrets about the whole thing. Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or just really into pizza, the coolest kitchen gadgets and accessories that look exactly like your favorite food are well worth your time and investment. For one, they make for awesome conversation starters; few people can resist the urge to comment on a skirt covered in a quirky avocado print. For another, they might just be the exact entertaining essentials that you’re looking for in order to totally make your next party or gathering.

1. I Donut Think You Can Live Without These Earrings

JOYID Resin Doughnut Earrings, $9, Amazon

Wear these cute doughnut earrings to show the world that your favorite sweet snack is always on your mind. The earrings also come in hamburger and cake versions if you prefer other foods or want to mix and match.

2. Stay On Time With This Adorable Apple Clock

Westclox Apple Wall Clock $10, Amazon

Unfortunately so you can't actually eat this tasty-looking apple-shaped wall clock, but it would look awfully cute on your kitchen wall.

3. Channel Your Inner Lumberjack While Cutting The Cheese

Fred & Friends Cheese Log Board and Knife Set, $22, Amazon

Up your cheese game with this original and innovative Fred & Friends cheese log board and knife set. It comes with a stainless steel ax and a solid beech wood cutting board, so you can channel your inner lumberjack while entertaining.

4. Treat Yourself To Some Homemade Ice Cream

Nostalgia Vintage Electric Ice Cream Maker, $30, Amazon

This Nostalgia Vintage electric ice cream maker might look vintage, but it’s actually a quick and modern way to make your favorite flavors of ice cream, gelato, or FroYo at home. It’s got an easy-to-clean interior lining, and reviewers say it’s ridiculously easy to use right out of the box.

5. Nab These Socks Fit For Any Sushi Aficionado

Sock It To Me Sushi Socks, $11, Amazon

These Sock It To Me sushi socks are really comfortable, super warm, made primarily from cotton, and fit seamlessly into any sushi aficionado’s wardrobe.

6. Stain Your Lips A Pretty Red With This Popsicle-Shaped Tint

Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint, $6, Amazon

This Korean popsicle-shaped lip tint gives you the subtle, sugary red lips of someone who's just eaten a cherry popsicle. But it's even better, because the lip tint won't melt in your purse! Reviewers say it's super-hydrating, non-sticky, and provides hours of natural-looking color.

7. Start Your Slumber With A Pizza Party

Angelina Cozy Fleece Pajama Set (S-4XL), $27, Amazon

Dream of pepperoni and cheese in this ridiculously soft pizza print PJ set. Even if you're only showing off your love of pizza in your own home, it's comforting to know it will be there while you sleep. Reviewers say they're soft and warm — and that they'd recommend sizing up.

8. Wear Your Favorite Pasta Close To Your Heart

Delicacies Pasta Sterling Silver Necklace, $65, Amazon

Wear your favorite pasta with this delicate sterling silver necklace. Each necklace comes with information about the type of pasta and what it represents. Get it in all kinds of shapes, including macaroni, farfalle, rotini, lasagna, and penne rigate.

9. Decorate With The Friendly Faces Of Junk Food

Fast Food Pillow, $22, Redbubble

If there’s anything I love more than food, it’s inanimate objects with smiley faces. This fast food pillow is made with a thick and durable material that looks incredible on any food-lover’s couch, and you can get it with or without the inner stuffing.

10. Catch Some Rays On The Comfort Of A Pizza Slice

Swimline 6-Foot by 5-Foot Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice , $26, Amazon

Pool season or not, this inflatable pizza slice is the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, it's Instagram catnip.

11. Carry Your Keys And Phone In A Popcorn Purse

LUI SUI Novelty Popcorn Crossbody Bag, $14, Amazon

This cute handbag might look like movie theater popcorn, but it actually zips open so you can stash away all the essentials, like your phone, credit cards, and lipstick.

12. Store Your Data Inside This Sushi Roll

Sushi Flash Drive Memory Stick (California Roll) , $12, Amazon

You can never have too many USB drives, as they always seem to disappear when you need one. You'll have trouble keeping your eyes off this California Roll one (especially around lunchtime), so losing it won't be a problem.

13. Wear This Underwear On Taco Tuesdays

Two Left Feet Women's Hipster Underwear (XS-L), $11, Amazon

Start taco Tuesday off right with a taco-themed base layer in the form of these taco-themed undies. They're so cute you might even want to wear them on other days of the week.

14. Make Your Next Pizza Party Extra Hardcore

Fred & Friends Pizza Boss Circular Saw Pizza Wheel, $14, Amazon

Cut your pizza the hardcore way with this Fred & Friends 'pizza boss' circular saw pizza wheel. It’s made from stainless steel and durable plastic, and in addition to slicing through your slices like nothing else, it’s also really easy to clean up afterwards.

15. Decorate Your Walls With The Laziest Breakfast

Gudetama Deluxe Art Poster Collection - The Lazy Egg, $16, Amazon

If you've ever been too exhausted to get out of bed, this set of four prints depicting a cute little yolk trying to remain under his piece of bacon for as long as possible will make you feel understood. After all, who doesn't love a lazy breakfast?

16. Carry All Your Books In Sweet Style

FITMYFAVO Backpack, $25, Amazon

This adorable cupcake print backpack is lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and covered with pretty pink cupcakes.

17. Be All About The Single Pringle Life

Single Pringle Baseball Tee (XS-3XL), $23, Look Human

This Single Pringle Baseball Tee speaks to my heart on the deepest of levels. Not only does it rhyme and have the cutest little chip that ever was, but it comes in five different colors and eight different styles.

18. show the world how much you really love avocados

Fancyqube Avocado Print Flared Mini Skirt, $15, Amazon

I’m all about this Fancuqube mini skirt, which is ridiculously stretchy, wonderfully '90s, features a high-rise elastic waist, and looks great with a crop top. Amazon reviewers say that they get tons of compliments when they wear it.

19. Eat Doughnuts, Stay Hydrated

S'well 200215101 15 oz Frosted S'ip Insulated, Double-Walled Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $25, Amazon

It's important to drink enough water. But it's also important to eat doughnuts. Prioritize both with this S'well water bottle.

20. Snuggle With A Cute Carrot Friend

Carrot Plush Toy, $30, Amazon

I’m not afraid to admit that, as a nutrition enthusiast, I am the proud owner of this carrot plush toy. He is ridiculously soft, very cuddly, reigns over my bed with his epic carrot pants, and is the start of many a conversation with any and all bedroom visitors.

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