The Safest (And Least Safe) Places To Travel As A Woman

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This year, tourism in India has slumped by a quarter (and, for women travelers by 35 percent) in light of its recent high-profile sex attacks. In response, the Indian government has upped penalties for convicted rapists — but it's too early to tell if the country's female tourists are any less at risk. Millions of globetrotters travel through India each year, and most visits are, of course, trouble-free. That said, female travelers are still strongly advised to avoid isolated areas, respect dress codes, and to keep a low profile. Certain areas of India are also at severe risk of civil and foreign attack. Which begs the question: if you're a solo female traveller, where are the safest places to visit right now-- and what countries should you be avoiding like the plague? Click on for some answers... [Image: Getty Images]

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