How To Dress Like Donald Trump For Halloween, Whether You're Being Funny Or Terrifying

Halloween is only eight days before Election Day this year, so you can be sure that plenty of people are going to revolve their costumes around some prominent political figures. If you're a political junkie who's considering a presidential candidate costume, it'll be the perfect excuse to talk about politics all night, and you can bond together with your fellow candidates for some great pictures at the end of the night. Although this might not be the most unique costume of the year, dressing up as Donald Trump for Halloween is a great way to incorporate a little realism and good humor into your fantastical night.

Realistically, going as Trump for Halloween might not get the best reaction. He is an incredibly offensive figure to many people including, but not limited to women, Latinxs, African-Americans, Muslims, people of Middle Eastern descent, fat people, military veterans, taxpayers, and mainstream Republicans. There are a lot of people who are pissed off about and by Trump, and dressing up as him invites people to get pissed off at you, too. Obviously, you still have the right to dress up as him, especially if you've got a funny reason, but just be prepared to potentially get some backlash for it. That being said, approach it with the right intentions and in the right setting, and you should be good to go. Here's your step-by-step guide to celebrating a Trump-tastic Halloween.

Step 1: The Hair

Absolutely essential to your Trumpian get-up is the hair. Long before his days in the political spotlight, Trump's hair had a following all of its own, so naturally the wig you choose for your costume is especially important. I recommend this one, which has a good balance between price and high customer reviews.

A full on mask is also an option, but there are some serious cons to wearing one, even more so than the standard itchiness of a wig. Thick latex masks like this one tend to get really hot on your face and can make it difficult to breathe, plus if you have a latex allergy, this is obviously a no-go. However, if you're really leaning in to the scary aspect of this costume, the mask might be the way to go, since it's absolutely terrifying.

Step 2: The Clothes

Trump is never caught without a suit, so this is your logical first step when it comes to attire.

Here's a plain white button down that will go perfectly underneath the suit.

Next step is Trump's iconic red power tie.

Then there's the American flag pin, a must for any presidential candidate.

Finally, the Make America Great Again hat. This one doesn't have any actual connection to the Trump campaign, so make of that what you will. Ironically enough, it's made in China.

Step 3: The Hands

Since Trump has made his hands part of the political process this year, they're fair game for your costume. Grab these small hands from Amazon and use them through the rest of the year to freak people out.

Step 4: The Impression

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Now the important thing to remember here is that this costume isn't an excuse to be offensive. You shouldn't say any of the myriad offensive things that Trump has said throughout his campaign and career, and, depending on who your fellow partiers are, you won't be able to without retribution. The key for this step is simple sentence construction, a lot of bragging, saying "yuge," and copious uses of the phrase "Make America Great Again."

Dressing up like Trump for Halloween will take a little bit of guts, but pulling it off in the right way is both possible and should prove to be a lot of fun.