The Song In The New 'Edge Of Seventeen' Trailer Is Perfect For Your Life-Affirming Playlist — VIDEO

Once in a while, a movie comes around that promises to perfectly express all of the awkward feelings that you had during high school. This year, that movie is The Edge Of Seventeen, and though it won't hit theaters until Nov. 18, it's already promising to be seriously relatable, heartbreaking, and wickedly funny. Despite the obvious issues the main character Nadine is facing, the song in the new Edge Of Seventeen trailer is upbeat, and one that Nadine could definitely use on her playlist.

The film, which stars rising pop sensation and Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld, is basically your worst high school nightmare come to life, and it's easy to see why Steinfeld's character Nadine is so frustrated. Her best friend Krista has secretly been dating her uber-popular brother Darian, and it's causing serious tensions between not only Nadine and Krista, but Nadine and Darian as well.

She may be facing one of the most awkward situations possible — she literally walks in on Darian and Krista getting a little too close beneath the sheets during the trailer — but, if the trailer's song is any indication, things may just turn around. The new track is an ode to feeling happy, in love, and metaphorically "brand new" — appropriate because the track in The Edge Of Seventeen 's trailer is "Brand New" by Ben Rector.

The track might not match Nadine's mood — it features wildly optimistic lyrics like "I feel like new sunglasses, a brand new pair of jeans" — but that doesn't mean that lyrics of Rector's song don't fit in to the new movie's brand. In fact, one line in the new track literally says "I feel a lot like 17." To Rector, that clearly means something different than it would to Nadine, whose life at 17 is not exactly stellar. Still, both songs are about the wild ride that is your later teenage years, for better or worse.

Another line that fits in well to the movie? Rector's reference to feeling "like a young John Cusack, like making big mistakes." Though Edge Of Seventeen is set in modern times, the trailer does have an '80s coming-of-age movie vibe. Cusack was king of films like Say Anything, and his characters were pros of making their own major high school missteps. Nadine may not be the happiest person right now, but she's certainly following in the footsteps of fellow coming-of-age film characters who had to go through a lot of stuff before they could inspire teens to stand outside their crush's window with a boombox over their head.

Of course, Nadine might have other ways to woo her crush:

Check out the video for Rector's "Brand New" below.

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