Why Does Croatoan Protect The 'AHS: Roanoke' Characters? The Word Is Full Of Blood Magic

There isn't a lot about American Horror Story's sixth season that makes a lot of sense so far, but if there's one thing viewers can take to the bank, it's the fact that saying the word Croatoan can save your life on AHS: Roanoke . And during Wednesday night's episode, we finally got a better understanding of what makes this saying so powerful. According to Elias Cunningham, who was nice enough to stop by and explain a few things to Matt and Shelby for a little Horror 101, Croatoan is a word full of blood magic. The use of it is the only way the spirits can be banished, though, the relief is only temporary and unfortunately doesn't work during a certain lunar cycle that takes place during each October.

In fact, the six-day period of time from the first quarter moon to the blood moon is when all of the big deaths in the house have taken place. And it just so happens that the cycle was starting on that very same day. (Figures.) Matt and Shelby's refusal to leave the house is downright shocking at this point. I mean, I get that they want to save Flora at all costs, but after everything they've learned it's crazy to still stick around. Go to a hotel and come back to search for her. Don't just continue living there. Not when you know all of the horrors that have taken place!

But now even armed with the knowledge of the house's creepy backstory, nothing will be able to protect them now. Not even the word Croatoan can give them a reprieve from the Piggy Man, Gaga witch or any other ghostly creature that crosses their path. In other words, for the next six days, they're completely on their own. Good luck with that.

Image: FX