Kim Could Change Her Instagram Habits Post-Robbery

Since the news first broke that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint, I've been wondering what her first words on social media will be following her attack. But there's been radio silence on both her Twitter and her Instagram, and if a new report is true, it could stay that way for quite awhile. According to what sources close to the situation tell TMZ, Kardashian reportedly wants to pull back on social media to avoid another incident like this one. And while I totally understand why that would make sense for her, it bums me out if this is the response she has to resort to.

TMZ's sources say that Kardashian reportedly feels like she could have incited the robbery herself by showing off her jewelry and other wealth on Instagram and Snapchat, and supposedly, this has made her want to change her behavior from here on out. The insiders add that the 35-year-old allegedly plans to take the next month off of work, and that in the meantime, she's going to be sharing way less with her fans and followers. And being that she's known for making her life an open book, if this report is true, it could mean huge changes in the way she lives her life.

And even though I love seeing Kardashian's life updates when I scroll through my social media feeds, if this is truly her choice, it makes total sense to me. It's not fair or right, but as women, we have to take extra precautions to protect ourselves in the crazy world we live in. And if I had two small children I frequently traveled with and had just been in a situation like Kardashian's, I'd do anything and everything to protect them and myself from this happening twice — even if it meant never leaving my house again.

But just because it makes sense doesn't make it OK that someone should have to do this. Since the anonymous trolls of the internet tend to love judging Kardashian for everything she does, it's not surprising at all that there's been a lot of victim blaming here. Check out Twitter or the comments section of any article about the robbery, and you'll see all kinds of people wanting to know why Kardashian would travel with such expensive jewelry and saying that she brought this on herself by showing off what she has and where she is online. But instead of allowing a woman who's worked really hard to be where she is to enjoy the fruits of that labor and blaming her attackers for breaking the law, people are saying this is her fault. It's not her fault, and it's simply not fair to say that it is.

Ultimately, the decision is up to her and what she and her family feel comfortable doing. But as horrible as this has been, I sincerely hope she doesn't let it take anything else away from her other than what she's already lost. Kardashian limiting her social media posts from here on out would only be letting the robbers win, and they don't deserve that.

It's totally understandable why such a traumatic event would change Kardashian's behavior, but I hope she doesn't let it change who she is at heart. The world would seriously be missing out!