Is The LORAC Mega Pro Palette 3 Sold Out? Here's The Only Place To Get This Massive Shadow Set

I often praise Urban Decay, Kat Von D, and Too Faced for effectively cornering the palette market. These brands can be counted on for multiple blockbuster collections in the palette space. They've earned palette scene dominance. But there's another pro quality brand with killer palettes. LORAC's Mega Pro Palette 3 has landed and it is not to be snoozed upon. LORAC Mega Pro Palette 3 holds 32 pans of shadow — there are four rows of eight shades in both matte and shimmer finishes. Yeah, that's utterly massive. The color spectrum is fully explored, since you get neutral, pink, and dark hues to play with.

My in-the-know makeup artist friend Samantha and my nephew's 17-year-old girlfriend Nina are always espousing the virtues of LORAC palettes to me, proving that fandom for this brand and its palettes is legit. So, is the LORAC Mega Pro Palette 3 sold out? Or can you still nab it for yourself or for gifting purposes?

It's yours for the taking, makeup friends and palette passionistas! The LORAC Mega Pro Palette 3 is still available, exclusively at Ulta. The retailer is the sole place to scoop it up. The LORAC Pro 3 palette comes with a $59 price tag. That shakes out to less than $2 per shade aka a deep discount.

You can create so many autumn-appropriate eye looks. You can do either a cider or a leaf-inspo smoky eye. Do not underestimate how much of a steal this palette is. You get almost three dozen shades and that translates to tons and tons of custom color combos. You can go for months without repeating an eye makeup look.

Ulta granted you drool permission, so go ahead and take 'em up on the offer.

LORAC Mega Pro 3 is truly an artist's palette... with your lids serving as the canvas.

Images: Ulta Beauty/Instagram (1); LORAC Los Angeles/Instagram (2)