Why Did Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan Break Up? His Social Media Shares One Version

The Disney (Channel) fairytale has ended for Liv and Maddie actors Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, who called off their engagement less than six months after excitedly sharing the news on social media. The split — announced by McCartan on Twitter Wednesday — comes as a surprise to fans of the couple, a pair who always seemed happily in love and would frequently gush about each other in interviews. What went wrong?

While Cameron, 20, and McCartan, 23, are the only ones who know the inner workings of their three-year relationship, McCartan offered some insight into the split during his shocking announcement on Twitter. The actor was candid and blunt in his tweet detailing the breakup, revealing that "Dove has decided this relationship isn't what she wants."

"We still love each other very much," he continued. "Please be sensitive as this is painful."

For her part, Cameron followed up with her own response hours later.

"Thank you for your support & full hearts in this very intense & human time," she told fans. "There's a lot love between Ryan & I. Life is beautiful & long."

While the breakup may have come as a shock to most, it looks like McCartan, 23, and Cameron, 20, had hinted that there may have been trouble in paradise before announcing their split.

For one, the actors' hectic schedules — McCartan is starring in FOX's upcoming live musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show; Cameron is filming The Descendants 2 — may have come into play.

Speaking to E! News in September, McCartan revealed that the two weren't in a rush to walk down the aisle.

"She's so busy. I'm so busy. The last thing we want to do is turn it into another thing on the to-do list, you know what I mean?" he revealed. "I mean, we're infants—we're children—so we have a lot of time to plan and get it done, and it'll happen when it's supposed to."

And based on the fact that he referred to himself and Cameron as "infants," I'd say there was also some realization there that they're pretty young (both actors are in their early twenties), which may have also been a factor in the split.

There were subtle hints, too. Like in the days before the breakup announcement, McCartan subtweeted things like:

And, in response to a fan offering him words of comfort: "F*ck I needed this i love you."

But until either one of them comes forward to give a more detailed explanation as to what went wrong, right now all fans can do is speculate — and share in the disappointment of letting go of a Disney Channel ship that once was.