Kylie Jenner's New Rose Gold Hair Is So Pretty

As the reigning hair chameleon queen of Hollywood, I'm hardly surprised anymore when the littlest Jenner shows off a new hair color. Her most recent mane change, though, has definitely thrown me for a loop, because it's one hue that she hasn't quite tried before. Kylie Jenner debuted rose gold hair on Thursday, and it looks so pretty. There's only one question that now comes to mind — is Jenner's rose gold hair real? With KJ, you never know.

After weeks of rocking platinum blonde hair, the 18-year-old took to Instagram to flaunt her brand new 'do. The close-up selfie photo, simply captioned "Rose Gold," revealed a super subtle tint of baby pink. The color is so subdued, that I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if she hadn't written it right there in the caption. While Jenner has sported pink locks on multiple occasions in the past, including New York Fashion Week back in February, but those shades were a lot darker and way different than this latest look.

Given her public affinity for wigs, you might automatically assume that her new hair color is the work of one killer wig, right? But this time, all signs point to the real thing. Jenner recently mentioned on her app that she'll be dying her blonde hair red soon before going back to brown. Perhaps this light pink color is a stepping stone in a gradual buildup to red?

If you look really closely, you can almost see her previous icy blonde hair underneath the pale pink color, further making me believe this is actually a dye-job.

Jenner is notorious for duping us, though, so we can never be too sure.

You can clearly see a major difference between the last time she went pink, which looked a lot more like a wig, and her new color.

We'll have to wait for Jenner to post more photos to know if the rosy hair is real, but either way, it's totally gorgeous.